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Bob and Angus’ friendship is tested to the limit when baby Mackenzie falls ill; Ellie steps up to be the ultimate bridesmaid while Farah gets the wedding jitters; and Annie returns to work to find a new, troublesome, staff member at the health centre.

With baby Mackenzie due to come home from hospital, Bob reminds Angus it’s time he moved out. While a hurt Angus starts packing, Bob gets bad news from Kim – baby Mackenzie’s having breathing problems.

Angus fumes when he hears the news through the grapevine. Enraged, he arrives at the hospital and immediately informs doctors he’s the real dad, leaving Bob feeling undermined. As tension grows between the best friends, Mackenzie gets the all clear. However, the good mood quickly sours when Angus declares he can’t watch Bob raise his son.

Elsewhere, Ellie persuades Caitlin to share her hen party with Farah. In contrast, Pete and AJ realise they’ve not bothered to organise their stag do. Pete asks his son, Danny, to be his best man prompting AJ to ask Ellie to be his best woman.

Later, when Farah freaks out about rushing into marrying AJ, Ellie provides reassurance about how wonderful her groom-to-be is. However, Ellie’s words of support make her realise she still has feelings for AJ.

Annie decides to return to work but there’s a shock in store for the doctor – Suzie is her new receptionist. Far from being the dream team, this proves to be a prickly partnership for both.

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This episode airs 30th January 2018 on BBC Scotland at 8pm

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