This Week on Hollyoaks

Zack persuades Holly to go with him to visit Harry in prison. However, Holly is disgusted by Harry’s self-pitying and storms out of the visiting room.

Milo shuts the door on Dirk when he returns, but Dirk isn’t giving up without a fight. Cindy tells him that she’s seeing someone else

It’s Trevor’s 40th birthday and Glenn isn’t happy that Grace still seems to be pining after him. Esther encourages Grace to ignore Glenn but is she playing with fire? he is furious when Grace buys a fish and calls it Trevor

Brody and Damon are confused by Scott’s erratic behaviour and Maggie’s actions only add to their concern.

Maxine warns Darcy not to hurt the Osbornes, or she’ll have her to deal with…

Maggie tells Damon how important this is to her and he decides to help her too, which ends in him dressed in drag.

Nancy tells Darren their marriage is over.

Darren wonders whether to stop the wedding as Mandy walks towards Luke

Darcy advances on a flustered Jack wearing just her underwear but they’re interrupted by Tom.

(All Photos are credit @ Lime Pictures)