29th January
Damon gets a surprise visitor in the village. Imran’s irritation towards his mother is becoming more extreme. Grace and Trigger’s plan backfires.

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30th January
Cindy is shocked to discover that Glenn is Grace’s boyfriend, while Misbah is furious when she realises that Imran sold her necklace to buy a new bike. Damon is a little wary about the new arrival.

31st January
Tegan is still in a coma, but Leela thinks there was more to the night they found her so goes to investigate. Milo helps Alfie with his fundraising idea, while Sami and Ellie rekindle their romance.

1st February
Ryan faces another tricky situation in a bid to keep his secret safe. Peri continues to lie about being pregnant, while Farrah questions Kim about Sami.

2nd February
Sally and Myra arrange Bart’s wake at The Dog but Myra gets a wandering eye, which doesn’t please Sally. Peri begins to lie to her mum and Prince just as an old face returns.

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