Requiem – Episode 1/6

Matilda Gray is a successful cellist about to embark on a concert tour of New York. But her world is turned upside when her mother inexplicably commits suicide.

Grief stricken, Matilda finds a box of items on her deceased mother’s bed relating to Carys Howell, a young girl who went missing from a small Welsh village more than 20 years ago.

Matilda and her accompanist Hal travel to Penllynith to investigate whether her mother’s suicide could be related to Carys’s disappearance. They arrive in town on the same day as the funeral of wealthy local landowner Ewan Dean, who died in similarly bizarre circumstances.

Ewan’s Australian nephew Nick, who has inherited Ewan’s estate, is a rare friendly face. He invites Matilda and Hal to stay at Dean House, which Matilda recognizes from a photo in her mother’s box, as the house becomes increasingly both sinister and familiar.

Requiem begins 2nd February 9pm on BBC One


(All Photos Credit BBC/New Pictures)

The cast includes

Lydia Wilson (Matilda)
Joel Fry (Hal)
James Frecheville (Nick)
Claire Rushbrook (Rose)
Tara Fitzgerald (Hilary)
Richard Harrington (Aron)
Joanna Scanlan (Janice)
Brendan Coyle (Kendrick)
Sian Reese Williams (Trudy)
Dyfan Dwyfor (Ed)
Ifan Huw Thomas (Harry)

Created and written by Kris Mrksa (The Slap, Underbelly)
Directed by Mahalia Belo (Volume, Ellen)


By Eastieoaks

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