Requiem – Episode 2/6

Matilda tries to convince PC Graves that Carys must have been kept in the basement of Dean House. Graves is dismissive due to the lack of evidence, but after she leaves she can’t help wondering whether there’s something to her story.

Matilda spots a hooded man watching her from the edge of the woods surrounding Dean House and tries to figure out his identity. She has a number of unsettling encounters with the local residents and starts to suspect that Rose may be hiding something.

Dean House grows evermore unsettling, with mysterious occurrences and symbols appearing, and a sinister presence that draws Matilda towards a room with a blue door. Matilda and Hal’s relationship becomes increasingly strained as Hal urges her to leave Dean House, but Matilda resists. She is desperate to find out the truth about her identity, whatever the cost to those around her.

(All Photos Credit BBC/New Pictures)

The cast includes

Lydia Wilson (Matilda)
Joel Fry (Hal)
James Frecheville (Nick)
Claire Rushbrook (Rose)
Tara Fitzgerald (Hilary)
Richard Harrington (Aron)
Joanna Scanlan (Janice)
Brendan Coyle (Kendrick)
Sian Reese Williams (Trudy)
Dyfan Dwyfor (Ed)
Ifan Huw Thomas (Harry)

Created and written by Kris Mrksa (The Slap, Underbelly)
Directed by Mahalia Belo (Volume, Ellen)

Requiem continues Friday 9th February on BBC One








(All Photos Credit BBC/New Pictures)

By Eastieoaks

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