Requiem episode one review

For a show that has been given a time slot of 9pm on a Friday I can see this doing really well and Episode 1 covered all sorts of strange and bizarre aptly titled Requiem – “a Mass for the repose of the souls of the dead.” certainly lived up to that name as lead character Matilda Gray (Lydia Wilson) crashed a funeral pissed off some locals and ended up in a house with more spooky goings on then a series of Most Haunted and a mirror with more power then Harry Potter’s Mirror of Erised.

Requiem - portraits(Photo BBC/New Pictures) Claire Rushbrook as Rose

Every time you think you are getting an answer there’s at least another 20 questions like WTF is happening. the music and chilling sound affects were appropriately timed for for dramatic effect and didn’t feel over done.

Right now I am off to binge watch the complete Series on Iplayer and you can to by clicking the link or watch Friday’s at 9 on BBC One

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