Monday 29th January 2018

Robbo speeds off after Kat and Novak, but it’s not long before he’s pulled over by McCarthy, and dragged back to the police station. Robbo’s frustrated by the formalities, wanting to get out and search for Kat, but there is finally movement when a call is put out on Novak’s car and it registers nearby.

Home&Away_Week5_Ep6781_33.jpg(Image~Channel 5) Kat hides from Novak

Rushing to the wrecking yard, Robbo finds Kat tied inside a car which is about to be crushed. He jumps into the forklift, stopping the crusher and pulling Novak out and onto the ground ,where a fight ensues. Novak is about to reach for his gun when Robbo delivers a powerful punch, knocking Novak out cold, and allowing Robbo to free Kat from the car. But Kat has sustained serious injuries, and tells Robbo that something’s wrong with the baby.

Home And Away Week 5 Ep 6781(Image~Channel 5)

After dropping Kat at the hospital, Robbo returns to the wrecking yard, and pulls Novak out of the boot of the car. He holds a gun in his hand. If Novak doesn’t tell Robbo everything he knows right now, things will only end one way…

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Nervous about his proposal plans, Hunter buys a bottle of champagne at Salt and prepares the engagement ring. Olivia arrives, but is soon distracted with a work call from Axel. The call finally comes to an end… as Hunter accidentally knocks the champagne over, sending the engagement ring flying. But Olivia assumes that the ring is lost property and comments on how awful it is. Hunter moves off to hand in the “lost” ring at the bar, crushed.

Home And Away Week 5 Ep 6781(Image~Channel 5)

When Maggie finds herself feeling the strain of her mother’s presence, she takes her into town. Diana finds a moment to herself, and after some wise words from Alf, she has some big news for her unsuspecting family – she’s decided to move to Summer Bay!

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Robbo interrogates Novak, forcing him to reveal what he knows about Robbo when he was Beckett Reid. Novak tries to convince Robbo to let him go, pushing him to raise his gun – but Robbo can’t bring himself to fire. Novak frees his hands, they struggle, and a shot rings out. Novak is dead. Robbo takes Novak’s body off into a dingy, and guides the boat into darkness, then returns home and destroys the evidence. He visits Kat in hospital, before being interviewed by McCarthy, and lies about his movements after dropping Kat off – but will he get away with it?

On her last night in the Bay, Tori’s called into the hospital. Kat reveals that she’s pregnant, and pleads with her to make sure nothing happens to the baby. Later, when Kat feels pain, Tori checks the baby’s heartbeat. It’s fine, but Tori will schedule an ultrasound for the morning to be sure. After work, Justin asks her if she’s going to let Kat know they’re taking off. Tori feels guilty but she can’t, unable to jeopardise Luc’s safety. But when Tori conducts the ultrasound, she notices that Kat’s further along than she thought, meaning that Robbo’s not the father – Ash is.

Unimpressed that Diana has decided to move to Summer Bay, Ziggy appeals to Coco for help – but Coco refuses to do her dirty work. But when the move starts to become real, Coco uses the power to her advantage, offering to spend time with Diana in the city, leading all moving plans to be put on hold – and meaning some time off school. Pushing the boundary further, Coco offers Ziggy’s services to cover her share of the chores while she’s away, and will take Ziggy’s iPad with her to keep up with school work. But with the problem now solved, Ben and Maggie finally feel some relief. The next morning, they see Coco and Diana off. One big happy family. For now…

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Wednesday 31st January 2018

Unable to leave the Bay with Kat’s news hanging over her, Tori takes Ash to the hospital. Ash visits Kat, and she reveals that her unborn baby is his. Ash is shocked, and left with the choice of starting a new life with Tori and Luc overseas, or staying for the birth of his child. Arriving at the hospital, Mick overhears Ash and Tori’s conversation. He finds Irene and demands to know what’s going on, but she refuses to tell him anything. With time running out, Ash and Tori go to pick up Luc, and Ash comes clean to Alf, Irene, Leah and VJ with his new dilemma. Mick crashes in and tells them he’s contacted his lawyer, and it’s only a matter of time before Luc is his. After exploring all other options, VJ offers to leave the Bay with Luc, shocking everyone.Home and Away_Matthew Little plays VJ Patterson_03.jpg(Image~Channel 5)

With the Novak situation over, Kat gathers her strength, and tells Robbo that Ash is her baby’s father. Robbo reels, as Kat tries to help him process it and assure him they can make it work. Moments later, alone in the lift, Robbo snaps and crumbles to the floor, broken. He returns to Kat and promises to love the baby no matter what. But there’s a long road ahead – and will Robbo actually be happy?

Justin feels guilty when he learns Willow’s been forced to sleep in her car to dodge Boyd, and offers to buy her breakfast. Willow’s surprised that Justin cares she’s in danger, considering she attacked him and stole Buddy last week. Justin’s intrigued, and isn’t fooled by her tough guy act. But Willow doesn’t appreciate being pigeon-holed, and heads off. Ben offers Justin some free advice – run a mile. Back at home, Justin finds Boyd waiting for him with a message – Willow’s got 24 hours to get him his money or she’s history. And so’s he.

Thursday 1st February 2018

VJ’s plan to take Luc to Cyprus rocks Leah to her core. She delivers a reality check – overnight he’d become a single father in a foreign country – is he ready to change his life forever? But the decision feels right for VJ, despite everyone’s concerns. He isn’t prepared to risk losing Luc to Mick, and gives Ash his word that she’ll never lose her connection to him. With everyone on board, it’s business as usual, so Mick is kept in the dark. But Mick’s suspicious when he sees Irene having a private word to Roo and Ryder, and she fails to convince him he’s got the wrong end of the stick. He reports Ash and Tori’s intention to do a runner, but the police can’t press charges when no incident has occurred.

VJ’s family and friends have a small farewell dinner for him. As they reminisce, Alf makes a heartwarming speech about VJ’s strong character. But Leah can’t take any more and leaves the room, devastated she’s losing her son. VJ goes after her, and she gives him his Dad’s wedding ring. VJ thanks Leah for everything, and tells her he loves her. She tells him she loves him too.

As VJ and Luc prepare to leave the next morning, word gets to them that Mick’s lawyer has applied for an injunction to stop Luc leaving the country, which will be approved shortly. But Alf has an idea. Irene meets Mick and tells him he’ll never get custody, as Alf, Leah and Ash see VJ and Luc off on a seaplane safely. When Irene spots the aircraft in the sky, she leaves Mick, and tears begin to flow, as her granddaughter’s departure sinks in. Back at the Pier, Leah’s inconsolable, as Ash fights to keep it together himself – his niece is gone.

Justin tells Willow that Boyd has given them 24 hours to come up with the money she owes. He’s worried, but Willow’s got a plan. Later, Willow reveals she’s agreed to do another dodgy job for Boyd to buy herself more time. Justin has a better idea, and offers to buy her car. But the car means more than anything to Willow, and she can’t give it up. Seeing he’s hit a nerve, Justin backs off, but wants her to sleep on it before completely ruling it out. Surely Willow’s not crazy enough to reject Justin’s help?

Tori supports Ash as he comes to terms with letting go of Luc. But he’s also worried about how the situation is affecting her. Selflessly, Tori thinks it’s more important he focus on Luc. But when their quiet dinner ends with Mick at the police station, the pressure on Tori starts to take over. When she gets home she allows herself to let it all out, breaking down in Justin’s arms.

Friday 2nd February 2018

Hunter goes to Olivia’s publicity interview with her, but is soon shipped off by Axel so she can focus. Hunter’s uneasy leaving Olivia with Axel, but later, Mason tells him he knows he can trust his girlfriend. When Olivia struggles to feel sexy in front of the camera, Axel charms her into relaxing, and the publicity session is a success. They share celebratory drinks afterwards, and Axel moves his hand onto Olivia’s thigh. Olivia’s unsure if he’s making a move on her until later, when he admits he feels a connection to her, asks her back to his hotel and kisses her on the lips. Will Olivia succumb to temptation?

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Quinn arrives on the Stewart’s doorstep, flooring Roo and Ryder. A wave of emotions wash over Alf, but he’s grateful to see his daughter again after so long. But Quinn just wants to take Ryder away as quickly as possible, despite her son’s resistance. Ryder asks Alf if he can stay and live with them, but although Alf would love that, it’s not his call to make. Roo and Alf are concerned that Quinn and Ryder aren’t in a good place, and Alf asks Quinn if they can stay a few more days. When Ryder’s packed and ready to go, Quinn surprises everyone by agreeing to Alf’s request. Things are far from perfect, but maybe, the healing has begun.

Hoping to spend time alone with Ziggy, Brody invites her over for an Italian cooking class. Unfortunately, it soon escalates into a family affair, and Brody desperately sneaks any small moments in with Ziggy as subtly as possible. But his residual feelings for her are written all over him, and he confesses to Mason that he’s still got a thing for Ziggy, but wants to respect Ben. Mason encourages his brother not to overthink it – she’s worth it, so fight for her. But have Mason’s words of wisdom convinced Brody to go for it?

Home&Away_Week5_Ep6785_25.jpg(Image~Channel 5) Olivia is uncomfortable with Axel adjusting her dress.

These Episodes Air  Monday 29th January – Friday 2nd February 6pm on Channel 5

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