Monday 5th February 2018

Olivia returns home after her night out with Axel, and considers telling Hunter about the kiss – but then decides against it. But will she be able to swallow the guilt? The next morning, Olivia finds Hunter down at the beach and tries to come clean to him, but only musters up the courage to tell him that Axel hit on her. Hunter suggests that Olivia report Axel to his boss, but Olivia assures him that she can handle it herself, and has everything under control. She still has to work with Axel, and doesn’t want to risk her career by causing trouble. Later, Olivia meets up with Axel at Salt, where she confronts him about what happened the night before. Axel is professional and assures Olivia that he has received her message loud and clear, and that it won’t happen again. He then shares the good news about her recent success with her clothing line; her designs are going live on the website, and he is going to introduce her to some important people within the industry. Olivia tells Hunter that things are sorted with Axel, but he remains dubious. He doesn’t want her working with someone that she is uncomfortable around, but Olivia is confident that she can make things work.

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As Kat is released from hospital, Robbo tries to appease her worry about Novak, but is unsuccessful. Tori breaks the news to Kat that VJ has taken Luc to Cyprus, and this is why Ash hasn’t visited her in hospital; he has been having a hard time dealing with it. When Robbo and Kat return home to the pier apartment, Kat is keen to head over to the station right away. Robbo tries to talk her out of it, but, unable to reveal his secret that Novak is taken care of, he is able to convince Kat. When they head down to the station for an update, they meet Detective Will Shepherd, who is leading the special task force that has been assembled to find Novak. Kat speaks with Shepherd, asking to be involved, and he assures her that she can, once she is better. Once the couple have gone, Shepherd asks McCarthy about Robbo. Later, Detective Shepherd asks Robbo to come down to the station, so that they can ask him a few questions.

Meanwhile, Mick confronts Ash after having successfully acquired an injunction, demanding to see Luc. Ash breaks the news to him that he is too late; Luc is gone, she’s not even in the country any more. Mick is left in denial. Mick later realises that Irene was only trying to distract him the other day so that VJ could get away with Luc. Later, down at the pier, Irene sees Mick dejectedly throwing his pills into the water. He has given up now that he has lost Luc, and doesn’t see the point any more – she was his future. Irene saves the rest of the pills, and tells Mick that it doesn’t mean he should give up, and offers to help him. Alf invites Mick over to the house and tells him that the job offer in WA still stands if he is interested. Alf encourages Mick to go for it and motivates him to build a life for himself, something that Luc would be proud of.

Ash shares the good news with Tori that Mick’s injunction didn’t come through in time in order to stop Luc leaving the country, and that they are in the clear. Tori pushes Ash to go and see Kat, and work out what the plan with their baby will be. But when Ash asks Kat how it’s going to work and she has no idea, he irrationally demands 50% custody. He stresses that he is the baby’s father; he lost Luc for this kid, so there is no way that he is going to be shut out. Kat is left gobsmacked. Later, Ash apologises to Kat, realising that he was out of line. Kat understands what Ash is going through and they agree that it’s too early to figure out custody, but promise to make it work.

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Mick agrees to take the mining job in WA. When Irene hears this news, she is concerned about Mick being on his own, since he is in such a bad mental headspace. She offers to go with him to help him settle in. Mick visits Ash to tell him the news that he is leaving for good, and apologises for everything. Ash confronts Irene when he finds out that she is planning to go with Mick to WA, and tries to convince her not to go. But Irene is set in her decision, and tells Ash it isn’t his problem to worry about.

Tori is aghast to learn that Ash asked Kat for 50/50 custody of their unborn baby without even consulting her first. Ash realises that he didn’t factor Tori into the equation, leaving her out in the cold. Tori, feeling lost, confides in Justin that she didn’t realise it was going to be this hard. She points out that the only reason Kat and Ash broke up was because Kat didn’t want to be a mum, and now they’re having a baby together. Later, when Ash vents to Justin about Irene going off to WA with Mick, Justin stops him, and tells him he has other things to worry about. Ash thinks he means the baby, so Justin spells it out for him; Tori’s unhappy. Ash tries to make amends, but is it too little, too late? How is Tori supposed to just sit by and watch Ash have a baby with his ex?

Two detectives bring Robbo down to the station for questioning about Novak; Kat sits in to listen. Robbo’s timeline doesn’t add up, so they suspect that he is lying about something. Kat listens on, horrified. The detectives point out the inconsistencies in Robbo’s statement, forcing him to confess that he dropped Kat off at the hospital, then went back to the wrecker’s yard to look for Novak. Robbo lies, insisting that his search was futile and turned up nothing. The police track Robbo’s cell phone and corroborate his story, so he’s free to go… for now. Kat tears into Robbo once they get back to the apartment; furious that he lied. She struggles to understand why Robbo didn’t just call McCarthy when she asked him to. Robbo tries to explain that he was doing it for her; to keep her safe. She storms out of the apartment and Ash sees her, and checks in.

Kat blows off some steam, furious that Robbo lied to her. Even though Ash isn’t Robbo’s biggest fan, he assures Kat that he was probably just trying to protect her. Down at the station, the detectives share their latest findings with Kat – thanks to Robbo, they have been able to track and pinpoint Novak’s phone number and subsequent movements – and reveal Novak could still be in Summer Bay. Kat tells the news, and is confident the police will find him. Robbo stealthily sneaks out of the apartment that night, and returns to where he buried Novak’s body. He finds the phone, returns to the pier and successfully plants it on the bottom of a truck, which is headed for Melbourne. Kat wakes up in the middle of the night and notices that Robbo is gone. The next morning, McCarthy stops by to tell Kat that Novak’s phone has recently pinged off a tower near Wollongong, and suspects he’s fleeing back to Melbourne. Kat is finally safe. Robbo and Kat bask in the relief together, but Kat’s in disbelief. Robbo tries to reassure her that it is over, and now they can focus on the more important things. Kat agrees, but makes Robbo promise that there will be no more lies or secrets.

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Ziggy runs into Brody on his way to his drug test. Maggie eyes their body language and playful banter, and is left wondering if their fling is truly over. Later, Brody struggles to fix the broken Diner oven and admits defeat. Maggie and Ziggy overhear him cursing and after taking a quick look, Ziggy thinks she’ll be able to fix it. Mason winds Brody up about liking Ziggy as she returns with the new part. Maggie shares her suspicions with Ben. Ben reaffirms that they’re just friends, Ziggy wouldn’t risk losing their trust again. But Maggie remains unconvinced. Oven fixed, Ziggy basks in Brody’s praise. Ben stands at the counter waiting and clocks them, displeased. Brody offers to repay Ziggy for her work by coming over and cooking a three course dinner for her family. Ziggy says that sounds perfect. Ben, on the other hand, couldn’t think of anything worse.

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Ash storms into the garage, upset that Tori has just broken up with him. He asks Justin what he can do to make it right. Later, Justin consoles an upset Tori, suggesting she talk to Ash and try to make it work, but Tori insists she can’t. Ash finds Tori doing yoga down by the beach and asks if they can try and talk things out, but Tori doesn’t want to hear it, and asks Ash to leave her alone. But Ash refuses to give up without a fight. Tori loses it at him, admitting that she’s afraid that once he’ll fall in love with her again. Tori tells Ash to look her in the eye and promise her that he won’t fall in love with Kat again when the baby arrives. Later, Mason sees that Tori is upset, and asks if she.s okay. She thinks she’s just made the worst mistake of her life. Ash comes over to talk to Tori again later when she has calmed down. They both don’t want to lose each other, and Ash promises that no matter what, Tori will always be a priority in his life. Tori says that she might have freak outs along the way and get jealous, but Ash is confident that they can talk through them.

Boyd turns up at the garage looking for Willow, who has failed to turn up for a job, but Justin has no idea where she is. Boyd makes another threat about the money, ensuring that Justin hears him loud and clear. Down at the police station, Willow begs Murray with fierce urgency not to impound her bike. Brody arrives for his drug test and Murray brings him through first, telling Willow to wait her turn. When Brody arrives home, he complains that he is late for work because some chick at the station was kicking up a fuss. Justin arrives at the station and tells Willow about Boyd’s earlier visit. Willow doesn’t want Justin’s help, and tells him that she can sort things out herself. Murray tells Willow that while she has unpaid speeding fines and a broken indicator, she isn’t getting her bike back. Stuck in a tight spot, Willow says she will pay off the fines and that Justin, who is a mechanic, can fix the taillight. Bemused, Justin makes Willow admit that she needs his help now before stepping in to assist. At Salt Willow, insists that she can take care of herself, saying she has her whole life, revealing that her mum left her when she was ten with a mentally unstable dad. Willow is interrupted by a message from her dad’s nursing home. Justin says his offer to buy her car still stands, but Willow declines. Later, Willow hurries into the garage and suddenly tells Justin that she will take him up on his offer to buy her car. She asks if he has the money now; it is urgent because Boyd has people on his way after her. They hear motorbikes approaching and hide inside a car boot. From inside they hear Boyd and his thug searching the garage and calling out for Willow. Later, Justin and Willow debate whether or not it is safe to come out. Justin tries to open the boot only to discover that they’re locked in.

Thursday 8th February 2018

Angry that Quinn is ending his time in Summer Bay so soon, Ryder doesn’t even attempt to hide his contempt towards his mother. Alf hopes they can all keep in regular contact in the future, but Quinn isn’t prepared to promise anything. Later, when Ryder has a night terror, Alf and Roo are shocked and confused. Roo confronts Quinn, pointing out that Ryder’s episode only came after she turned up. Alf offers his support, and Quinn opens up about how hard it was to raise Ryder alone, admitting it ruined her life. Ryder overhears this and is furious, storms outside, and speeds off in Alf’s car. But when John tries to stop him, Ryder takes his eyes off the road, and clips Roo – has he made a fatal mistake?

Stuck in a car boot with Justin after Boyd’s attack, Willow soon feels claustrophobic and panics. Justin calms her, and Willow reveals how much the Triumph means to her – it reminds her of her father before he began to suffer Alzheimer’s disease. Ziggy arrives the next morning and lets them out. Justin’s angry about how much damage Boyd has done, and Willow marches off, guilty, stressed and frustrated. But later she returns and hands Justin the keys to the Triumph, hoping he can sell it to cover his excess payment. She moves off, but not before pointing out he’s not the first guy who’s tried to save her.Home&Away_Week6_Ep6789_05.jpg(Channel 5)

Brody’s attempt to thank Ziggy for fixing the Diner oven with an intimate family dinner at her place meets Ben’s disapproval, putting another large barrier in front of them. The next day, Brody suggests that Justin take on an apprentice at the garage – meaning Ziggy. Unable to read between the lines, Justin considers hiring a TAFE student, leaving Ziggy to head off deflated. Brody admits to Raffy that he likes Ziggy, but should be six months clean before getting into a relationship. Back at home, Maggie encourages Ziggy to get back with Brody if she wants to – she’ll even work on changing Ben’s mind. Has a window re-opened for them?

Friday 9th February 2018

Roo’s rattled after being hit by Alf’s car, but thinks no permanent damage has been done, as John helps her up. Guilty and concerned, Ryder tries to check on her, but John orders him to stay back. John takes Roo home, where Alf and Quinn are furious. When Ryder arrives outside, Quinn apologises for saying he ruined her life. He gathers the courage to face Roo, only to meet an aggressive tirade from Alf, and he leaves, unable to take the pressure. After the initial shock, Alf wonders what is behind Ryder’s behaviour, and finds him at the Diner. Ryder admits he doesn’t know. They head back to see Roo and Quinn, together, they’ll get to the bottom of it. But at home, Roo has collapsed, and Alf rushes her to hospital. Meanwhile, Ryder visits Raffy and reveals he’s decided to leave, and she can’t convince him otherwise. He asks her not to tell anyone. At hospital, Roo’s examination shows that she may have a fractured vertebrae. Just how badly has Ryder hurt her?Home&Away_Week6_Ep6790_42.jpg(Channel 5)

Hunter’s still concerned that Axel has his sight sets on Olivia, despite her attempts to play it down as a non-issue. But at the fashion showcase, Axel whisks Olivia off, and under the guise of doing his job, continues to weave his spell on her. When Hunter confronts Axel about making a pass at Olivia the other night, he claims he was getting mixed signals. Axel joins Olivia inside, and Hunter takes off before he loses control. Mason drops Olivia home, and she attempts to sort things out with Hunter, but he’s made up his mind – Axel is out of line, she just can’t see it. Olivia heads upstairs, upset, and growing further apart from Hunter by the minute.

Kat calls Robbo on how distant he’s been towards her lately. Robbo covers badly, unable to reveal that he killed Novak to keep her safe. Kat guesses that Robbo’s having second thoughts about having the baby with him because it’s not his. But Robbo just needed some time to process everything, and suggests they find a new place where the three of them can start fresh, giving Kat hope for the future. But the next morning Kat hears that Novak’s phone has turned up in Melbourne – but, he’s nowhere to be found – and Robbo’s promises to keep her safe can’t stop her alarm growing.

At the riverside, a human foot sticks visibly out of the sandbank – is Robbo’s secret about to be blown wide open?

These Episodes Air Monday 5th February – Friday 9th February 6pm on Channel 5

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