Monday 12th February 2018

Against Robbo’s advice, Kat decides to testify against Novak. She thinks putting everything on record will help keep her safe. At the police station, Kat requests to appear at the trial via a video link. As Kat testifies from the security of the police station, Robbo drives to a car park, and has a fit of rage, as he remembers shooting Novak and getting rid of the body. Ben and Maggie see him, and, concerned, mention it to Kat at Salt. Kat finds Robbo back at the apartment and confronts him about it, and he covers, telling her that he’s just worried about her. This comforts Kat, and she melts into his arms. But still harbouring such an explosive secret, Robbo’s still on edge.

Tori diagnoses Roo with a fractured vertebrae, and organises pain relief as they conduct more tests. The results reveal that Roo has two choices – spinal fusion surgery, which may make her a paraplegic, or suffer from chronic pain for the rest of her life. Roo’s hesitant to make a decision, and seeks a second opinion. But time is against Roo – will the wait cause her irreparable damage?

Raffy’s guilt threatens to overwhelm her as she continues to hide Ryder from the rest of the Bay. She thinks that he’s just making things worse, but Ryder’s adamant that leaving town would be better for everyone – he just needs to find out that Roo’s okay before he goes. Nearly sprung by Quinn, Ryder steals the keys to a boat and motors away with Raffy. But when he moors the boat, he comes across a dead body in the sand, leaving them both terrified. Is Robbo’s secret about to be blown wide open?

Tuesday 13th February 2018

Despite Ash’s warning to steer clear of Willow, Justin throws himself straight back into her orbit when she races into the hospital with her unconscious father, Russell. A text message from Boyd reveals that he pushed Russell down the stairs, alarming Willow, as she realises this is all her fault. Although Russell’s diagnosis is only a mild concussion, Justin has to do something about Boyd, and copies his number from Willow’s phone. He confronts Boyd and his bikie mates, warning them to leave her alone. But when Boyd isn’t scared, Justin’s had enough, and a fight breaks out. Has Justin started something he can’t finish?

Home&Away_Week7_Ep6792_02.jpg(Channel 5) Ash and Justin run into Willow at the surf club.

Home&Away_Week7_Ep6792_26.jpg(Channel 5) Boyd and his mates arrive to confront Justin.

Optimistic about Roo’s recovery options, things are looking up for the Stewarts. But when Ryder comes to apologise to Roo and weeps with guilt and regret, the family sees they have another huge challenge on their hands, especially Quinn, who fears the relationship with her son is damaged beyond repair. Ryder continues to passively aggressively taunt his Quinn, pushing Alf to challenge Ryder to start acting like a man. Ryder apologises to his Mum, but is it too little, too late for mother and son?

Having accidentally stumbled across a dead body, Raffy decides to report it to the police. But Ryder needs her to keep quiet – he stole a boat. Add this to hitting Roo in Alf’s car, and he’ll be thrown in juvenile detention! When they arrive back in the Bay, the weight of harbouring so many secrets gets too much for Raffy, and she breaks down. Tori arrives home and senses that Raffy needs her support, asks no questions, and offers her a bit of sister time. Later when Ash visits to talk about Robbo and Kat, Tori loses her patience and makes him leave – she could use a night off too.

Concerned about how much he’s hurting Kat, Robbo decides she’s better off without him. He packs his things, but as he’s leaving a farewell note, he’s caught by Ash. Ash isn’t surprised, but thinks he should at least tell Kat he’s leaving to her face. When Kat arrives home, Robbo hasn’t gone anywhere. Has he finally found a way to move forward with his secret buried deep?

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Justin staggers home after taking a beating from Boyd and his thugs. Mason insists that Justin should go to the hospital, but Justin asks Mason to drive him to the police station instead. Down at the station, Justin explains that Boyd, the same guy who trashed his garage, is responsible for putting Willow’s dad in hospital. Justin shows the officer proof; an audio recording he took on his phone during the confrontation with Boyd. In the recording, Boyd admits to beating up the ‘old man’, but no names are mentioned, so the police require more proof, such as statements, to make the charges stick. When Justin runs into Willow, he explains that he’s sorting out the Boyd problem; all she has to do is talk to the cops and make a statement to effectively put Boyd away. But Willow doesn’t trust, or talk to cops; if she does talk to them, she’ll probably land herself in gaol, or worse, Boyd will hunt her down. Justin finally convinces Willow to come around, and stands by her side while she goes through with it. Later, at the station, the cops bring Boyd in; having successfully accumulated enough evidence to put him away. Justin and Willow are glad to hear this until they run into Boyd himself, and he threatens both of them, telling them to watch out. Justin tries to convince Willow that it’s fine; he can’t hurt her dad from gaol, but she isn’t convinced. Willow finally thanks Justin for helping her. Justin asks Willow what her plan is now, she’s not sure, but she assumes she’ll go home and work something out like she usually does. Justin instead suggests that she tries something new. Willow decides to move to the Bay and with Justin’s help, organises a van in the caravan park, offering up Justin as her guarantor when she is unable to pay the advance rent required.

Home&Away_Week7_Ep6793_05.jpg(Channel 5) Boyd is brought into the station and threatens Willow and Justin.

Ash brings Tori breakfast and coffee to apologise after their fight the previous night, but it is clear he’s not exactly sure what he’s apologising for. Tori admits that her outburst was her way of putting her walls up. Ash realises that Tori doesn’t feel like a priority since all they talk about is Kat and the baby. Ash commits to putting more time aside for Tori and their relationship, starting from today. They dedicate the entire day to just spending time together, but find that everywhere they go, they are interrupted by the various residents of Summer Bay.

Hunter attempts to appease the friction created by Axel between himself and Olivia by planning a surprise TV picnic with all of her favourite things. As the happy couple settle down together a parcel arrives; a gift for Olivia from Axel. Hunter is left shunted, as Olivia hurries out to call Axel and thank him. Hunter confides in Mason his uneasiness around Axel and Olivia working together. Mason suggests that Olivia could work for another fashion label; giving Hunter an idea. Hunter takes it upon himself to call around, and manages to organise a meeting with a rival brand, The Trend. Mason is sceptical, and warns Hunter that he shouldn’t leave Olivia in the dark. Hunter lies, and tells Olivia that someone from The Trend called the house to arrange a meeting. Olivia is surprised, and although initially excited, doesn’t think it’s a good idea and is happy with The Find. Hunter convinces her to shoot for the stars and attend the meeting. Olivia’s meeting with The Trend goes off without a hitch, they want her to design for them, and are offering to pay her upfront. But Olivia’s world comes crashing down when they encounter a furious Axel, who informs her that she has broken an exclusivity clause in her contract by meeting with their competition. The Find are dropping her for this betrayal, and if she does get the job with The Trend they’ll sue her. Out on a distressed Olivia; her career going up in smoke, and a guilty Hunter. What has he done?

Thursday 15th February 2018

Home&Away_Week7_Ep6794_33.jpg(Channel 5) Olivia goes to Axels apartment to beg him to stop his company dropping her.

Olivia tries to reason with Axel as he storms off, exclaiming that they are done. Hunter intervenes, remarking that Olivia doesn’t need The Find anyway, but Olivia berates him and chases after Axel on her own. Axel refuses to believe Olivia, under the impression that she contacted The Trend, not the other way around. Realising that they are not on the same page, the answer suddenly becomes glaringly obvious: Hunter. Hunter tries to defend himself to Olivia, but she furiously accuses him of being jealous and ruining her life. Hunter promises to find a way to fix things, but Olivia tells him to stay out of it; he’s done enough. Olivia goes to see Axel; not ready to give up just yet, and implores him to do something. Axel believes Olivia’s story, but doesn’t know how he can turn his boss around. Olivia dejectedly admits defeat and goes to leave, but Axel invites her to stay for a drink. Olivia and Axel drink together, reminiscing about what could’ve been. Olivia is blue, convinced that she has blown her one and only chance. Axel is disappointed that they didn’t get to spend more time together. Olivia and Axel share a steaming kiss then end up moving things to the bedroom and sleeping together. As Olivia is getting dressed, Axel promises to explain what happened to his boss and try to make amends. Olivia is appreciative. Axel questions whether this was Olivia’s motivation for sleeping with him; she insists that it wasn’t. When Olivia returns home, Hunter apologises profusely. He has drafted a letter to the CEO of The Find in order to try and make things right. As Olivia escapes to the bathroom she breaks down, clearly vulnerable and racked with guilt.

At the Astonis, Maggie berates Ben about the lack of progress with the gazebo. Ben remarks that he would get more done if he had some help. Maggie gets an idea and tells her husband not to worry. She pops over to the Morgans and enlists Brody’s help, but he easily sees through her ploy. Brody has no disillusions that such an idea will work. Maggie challenges Brody by asking him how far he is willing to go for Ziggy. Ben is not impressed to discover that Brody is the helper that Maggie has recruited to build the gazebo. He asks Brody if he has any construction experience, and Brody confesses that he doesn’t. Ziggy is amused by Brody’s ignorance, although he is obviously trying his best to get on Ben’s good side. Ben confronts Maggie, he too can see what she is attempting to do, and complains that Brody is hopeless. But Maggie isn’t ready to give up just yet, and enlists Ziggy’s help getting lunch, in the hope of giving the boys more time alone to bond. After Brody’s failure with the drill, Ben tasks him with mixing the cement, which also ends in disaster. Maggie and Ziggy return from Salt just in time to hear Ben berating Brody, and telling him how hopeless he is. Brody takes a stand and leaves; he isn’t going to tolerate this sort of treatment. Maggie and Ziggy are not impressed. Later, Ben pays a visit to the Morgans and apologises to Brody, admitting that he was impressed Brody had the balls to take a stand. But Brody doesn’t care what Ben thinks any more, and is finished seeking his approval. Ben questions whether or not Brody thinks he has his life together. Brody admits that although he isn’t exactly where he wants to be, he’s in a good place. Ben comments that when Brody gets his act together and has his life together, then they’ll talk. Back at the farm, Ziggy discovers that her ex-boyfriend Jared has arrived in town and come to find her. What does this mean for Ziggy and the Astonis?

Friday 16th February 2018

Ziggy berates Jared for coming to Summer Bay, and demands to know what he is doing here. But before she can get answers, they are forced to hide as Ben returns home. Ziggy goes to see Jared at the motel the next morning, and is alarmed to discover that he has come to win her back. Ziggy is adamant that this will never happen, and tells him to leave. Brody is pleased to see Ziggy at the Diner later, but she is distracted by Jared’s texts. Jared himself rocks up at the Diner later that afternoon, and Brody recognises him. Brody overhears Jared telling John that he is here to win his girl back. Brody tracks Ziggy down to tell her the news about Jared being in town. But he is dismayed to discover that she already knew. Brody questions why Ziggy didn’t tell him herself and she brushes him off, saying she needs space. Later, Brody pays a visit to the Astonis and conveys the news of Jared’s arrival to Maggie and Ben. They share similar concerns. Ben thanks Brody for telling them.

Home&Away_Week7_Ep6795_04.jpg(Channel 5) Ziggy tells Jarrod to leave Summer Bay.

The Morgan brothers grow increasingly concerned about Raffy, as she continues to have nightmares. Raffy insists that it is nothing, but Brody and Mason are convinced that something is going on. Raffy, burdened by her dark secret, eventually comes clean to Justin and Mason about stumbling across the dead body. But much to Raffy’s chagrin, the brothers don’t believe her. Raffy is adamant that she knows what she saw. To settle the matter once and for all, the brothers take Raffy back to the cove, only to discover that she was indeed telling the truth. Justin and Mason call the cops, and apologise to Raffy profusely.

Kat arrives at the scene and takes a look at the body herself, recognising it as Novak. The forensics team are unsure how long the body has been there for. After taking Raffy’s statement, Kat is clearly shaken by the discovery of the body, and McCarthy witnesses a brief, but weak, moment. McCarthy tells Kat that she is too close to the investigation, and warns her to be careful with what she says in front of Robbo, he was the last person to see Novak alive. Kat is rattled by the implications of this. Later at the Diner, Robbo overhears Justin telling Brody about the discovery of the body. He immediately starts to stress and hurries over to the station to identify the body. Kat tells Robbo to go home, and berates him for coming in. Is Robbo’s luck about to run out? When Kat returns home, she asks Robbo to look her in the eye and promise her that he had nothing to do with Novak’s death. Robbo does, adding yet another lie to the list. How much longer can he keep Kat fooled?

These Episodes air Monday 12th February – Friday 16th February on Channel 5 at 6pm

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