The net around Robbo tightens – will he drag Kat down with him?

Detective Inspector Shepherd pays a visit to the pier apartment with a warrant to search the premises. As Robbo and Kat wait with the other police outside, Kat begs McCarthy to do something, claiming that they are unfairly targeting Robbo. When Robbo tries to go over to Kat, an officer grabs him and tells him to stay put. Robbo throws the officer to the floor, and a scuffle ensues. Kat and the other residents of Summer Bay watch on in horror as Robbo is apprehended. Robbo is taken down to the station and questioned again.

Shepherd comments that it is awfully convenient that their search failed to turn up the clothes that Robbo wore on the night Novak was killed. In an attempt to strengthen his own case, Robbo questions how they are so sure Novak died that night, since his phone was still giving off a signal in Summer Bay. Shepherd calls Kat into his office and berates her for sharing information about the investigation with Robbo. McCarthy consequently suspends her. Kat breaks down upon returning to the apartment, discovering that it has been ransacked by the police search. Is Kat about to lose everything?

Home and Away - New Cast Photos
(Image Channel 5) Pia Miller plays Police Officer Katarina Chapman

This Episode Airs on Channel 5 20th February 2018

By Eastieoaks

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