As the town mourns, Ben continues to search for a missing Maggie. While Ziggy and Brody make the most of an empty house, Ben and Coco frantically scour the Bay. As Maggie lies in rising water at the ocean’s edge, Ben tries to downplay Coco’s increasing worries… just as they find Maggie unconscious underneath the pier. Maggie’s rushed to hospital, where she undergoes a barrage of tests. Although Maggie downplays her illness to her concerned family, claiming to feel fine, the hospital keeps her in for testing, due to her concussion. Brody takes the girls home, while Ben stays with Maggie. The next morning, Tori arrives to give Maggie the results of the test, and reveals they’re all clear and she can go home. Tori does say Maggie’s white blood cell count is low, but thinks it’s probably caused by a virus. Maggie and Ben are relieved, although Tori suggests coming back for another blood test in a few days, just to make sure it’s nothing sinister.

Home&Away_Week11_Ep6811_01.jpg(Picture Channel 5)

This Episode Airs on Channel 5 12th March 2018

By Eastieoaks

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