Alf discovers that Hunter has slept in the Bait Shop. Hunter’s moody and on edge, as he explains that he couldn’t go home because of tension with Olivia, and he had nowhere else to sleep. After snapping at Alf, Hunter storms off, witnessed by a concerned Jennifer. Hunter responds to Jennifer’s offer of friendship, and she tells him that Leah and Alf are worried and want to help him.

Roo puts Raffy and Ryder in detention after school, but when Roo leaves the room to speak with Alf, Marilyn and John about what happened, Ryder convinces Raffy to sneak out with him. Discovering that the teenagers are gone, Alf, Marilyn, John and Roo search the school, unaware that Raffy and Ryder are outside. They hear a massive crash from the front of the school, as a gas line explodes inside the classroom building.

Alf wakes up to find himself trapped under a slab of concrete at the bottom of a sinkhole in the Summer Bay High science lab. He soon realises he’s not alone – there’s someone else down there with him, hidden beneath the rubble. Although he tries to rouse the other person, he’s unsuccessful and slips into unconsciousness…

The explosion on school grounds has ripped open a sinkhole inside the school. The damage is hidden from the community – leaving an injured Roo on her own in a desperate battle to rescue Alf, as he lies trapped and unconscious under rubble. Roo clings to hope when Alf comes to… but his injuries trigger a heart attack.

Alf is losing hope. Fading fast, he musters his last strength to reveal a secret he’s guarded for decades. Roo’s shock – is this the delusion of a dying man? Or is he telling the truth?

Surely Home & Away wouldn’t kill off such a character would they ?

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These Episodes air 26th-30th March 2018 on Channel 5

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