Monday 3rd June

After discovering that Dean took a beating to protect her, Ziggy breaks down and cries in his arms. Willow worries that she may overstep the mark again with Dean. John and Marilyn are relieved when Jett’s plan to move to the city is delayed due to no available accommodation.

Tuesday 4th June

Dean finds the perfect way to distract Ziggy from her inability to move on from Brody— an old wreck of a car that the two of them can renovate. Robbo persuades Jett to seek help and call the army chaplain. Stressed by Robbo’s determination to get back together, Jasmine blacks out.

Wednesday 5th June

Jasmine gets together with Robbo to talk things through, and confiding some of her family history leads to a startling revelation. Brody is hurt by Justin and Tori’s reaction to the news that he is planning to leave Summer Bay with Simone. Leah ponders her relationship with Justin.

Thursday 6th June

Brody puts Salt up for sale. Mason tries to persuade Justin and Tori to support Brody’s wish to leave. Bella has a new support teacher in Roo, but her main concern is whether Raffy will blame her for Brody’s departure. Justin voices his concerns to Leah about where they are heading.

Friday 7th June

Bella plays truant from school and instigates a big disruption by setting off the fire alarm. Colby tries to be supportive, but is at a loss about how to handle his sister. Leah has a decision to make when Justin indicates he wants more from their relationship than sex.

By Eastieoaks

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