EastEnders Spoilers: 5th February-9th February

​This week in Walford

Monday 5th February

Billy is relieved to hear that Les has cancelled his visit as the fridges in the parlour have just broken. But he gets a shock when Pam arrives instead and she’s not pleased to see him. After revealing her reasons for visiting, Billy is unable to offer an explanation so Pam fires him and makes Jay the temporary manager.

Back in the Square, Tina consoles Billy and warns him to tell Honey the truth about his job. But with Honey having witnessed the exchange, his world is turned upside down as the truth about sleeping with Tina comes out.

Tuesday 6th February

Karen is ecstatic about the amount of money she is making through the extra ironing service but things take a turn when she mixes up everyone’s clothes, including their underwear.

Thursday 8th February

When Stacey refuses to commit to letting Martin have the children overnight, things grown even more strained between the two of them and Martin turns to Michelle who tries to talk to Stacey but is shut down.

When Michelle spots Stacey getting into a cab with the children, she panics and tells Martin. He discover that she’s planning on taking the children to Brighton which leads to a huge showdown in the Square.

Friday 9th February

Struggling to control her emotions, Mariam insists that they are not ready to be parents. But when the couple get to the bottom of what the problem is, they insist on continuing with the adoption.

Mariam is touched by Dan and Ashley’s care when they come to collect Daisy. After an emotional goodbye, Mariam and Arshad are both left wondering about their future as foster carers but Arshad is distracted when he witnesses an argument between Martin and Stacey.

(All Photos are credit BBC)

These episode airs Monday 5th February – Friday 9th February on BBC One.


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