Max is confused when Jay tells him that the reason there’s a delay in the arrangements for Abi’s funeral is because he’s yet to receive the paperwork. Sensing Max’s frustrations, Jack distracts him by suggesting he goes through Abi’s post and Robbie visits with something of Abi’s.

Max interrogates Lauren but when she hits back, he drunkenly confronts Jay who refuses to reveal where Abi was buried.Max realised that the funeral hasn’t happened yet and they just don’t want him there will he make it to the funeral ?

Mariam encourages Masood to go back to work on Tuesday, he arrives only to be told by Kathy that he’s been fired. After some negotiating, Kathy agrees to Masood’s idea which gives him until the end of the week to prove he can make a profit from his sales.

Kim tells Vincent that she’s applying for a loan. And Patrick advises Kim to go easy on Vincent. With Patrick’s words on her mind, Kim attempts to prepare a romantic meal for her husband and she soon gets him to admit that he has got himself in trouble with the wrong people. But when Kim suggests selling her engagement ring, Vincent refuses and Kim storms off.

Robbie touches a nerve with Donna and the pair fight. However the two soon make it up when Donna apologises in her own way.

Tina realises Halfway still has feelings for Whitney but will he still leave Walford with his feelings for Whitney being what they are ?

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These episode airs Monday 12th February – Friday 16th February on BBC One.

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