6 times the soaps went over to the dark side

If you go down to the street today. You’re sure of a big surprise. If you go down to the street today. You’d better go in disguise!

Soaps aren’t a paradise and evilness and deceit lurks round every corner


Trevor attacks Mo

Creepy Trevor was never one to get on the wrong side off and Christmas 2001 in Walford showed just that as he drowned Mo’s dinner in gravy before shoving her face into it and the chucking the whole lot on the floor

Eastenders 25-12-2001-Episode 1(Picture BBC)

Baby Swap

Hearing the cries of Kat and Alfie’s baby, there was no going back when Ronnie switched her baby James with Kat’s new born son Tommy, leading to some heartbreaking scenes for Kat and Alfie over the coming months as they attempted to come to terms with their loss while Ronnie struggled to cope with her actions.

Rhona’s rape

A wedding day should among the happiest of someones life but for Rhona Goskirk in Emmerdale it was anything but when she was brutally raped just hours after her wedding to Pierce Harris sadly her ordeal was far from over.

Richard Hillman reign of terror

He killed his ex wife Patricia and tried to make Audrey Roberts think she was loosing her mind and Having framed Aidan Critchley for the murder of Maxine Peacock and attempted to murder Emily Bishop, Richard “Killman” Hillman wasn’t just a sandwich short of a picnic he was missing the whole bloody buffet  when he went one step too far in trying to wipe out his own family only to be the one who ended up 6 feet under.

Aaron’s abuse

In probably one of the most emotional Emmerdale episodes ever Aaron opened up to Chas about how his father (Gordon) raped him when he was younger.


Bethany is groomed

Coronation Street has never been afraid to step up and deal with controversial topics and a storyline that ran last year in which teenage Bethany Platt was groomed by sleazy salon owner Nathan Curtis tackled such an important subject and did well to get people talking and I personally can’t think of a teen actress who could have played that better as younger soap stars often get a bad time over their ability to act.


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