Before I start Michael Parr deserves a HUGE round of applause for his performance tonight. Also, Tom is a brilliant actor whom I expect to see for many years to come, as a talent in the entertainment world. I hope you enjoyed the episodes as much as I did!

Debbie is getting herself into a great deal of trouble, I wonder if she realizes just how far the consequences of her actions are going to go? Also, Graham is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, he’s almost like a James Bond type character. Like father like daughter, when Cain and Debbie get something in their minds they do anything to make that idea come true, sometimes without thinking of whom it will impact. Joe Tate! Need I say more. His personality is a fun dynamic that I like seeing on Emmerdale. I do wonder how he is going to fit into Emmerdale on a larger scale, he can’t spend the rest of his life trying to get even with the Dingles.

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Robert’s new stance on life is something I enjoy seeing, he is focused on making sure his son has a good dad and a great life. Cue one of the things that I think is going to help spark the reunion! I think as a human being I feel very much for Bex, even if I haven’t been her biggest fan throughout this storyline, my heart goes out to her. Afterall, she has lost her entire family, has a baby to take care of and no home. This episode is certainly one where you see, at first, her desperation to know what happened. Lucky is torn between wanting to save his own neck and helping his aunt. While she did remember shortly after she woke up, the trauma of it is something her brain doesn’t want to remember.

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Per usual Bex is hellbent on not letting Robert have anything to do with Seb, a point she emphatically made during the episode, before passing out. Would someone please take her back to the hospital until she is healthy enough to leave! The poor woman is desperately trying to get the last moments of her sister and fathers’ life back, I know I would want to have anything of my family that I could. The truth of the matter is, no matter how much she wants too he’s just not capable of taking care of Seb. I hope after today she takes to heart that she really doesn’t have anyone left, she is going to have to find a way to make things work for not only her Seb’s sake but for her’s.

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I wasn’t surprised at Lucky’s stance on Robert, out to save his own neck, Lucky will do whatever it takes to squelch Bex’s plans to remember the crash. Bex and Lucky’s conversation was very sweet on top of being well acted, it is, ultimately the crux of why Bex softens towards Robert at the end of their scenes in the show. True to what Lucky said, Robert just wants to be a good dad, to take care of his son, and make sure no harm comes to him. If that means being nice to Bex and supporting her, then so be it. I am quite happy with them parenting Seb in a way that is mature and that leaves room for both of them to have their own separate lives.

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Ross, the ladies man, in all his cocky gloriousness is one of my favorite characters in soap history. Mike is wonderful at capturing the audience for his vivacious personality. I wish Debbie and Ross would get back together, they are made for one another. The acid attack was difficult to watch, the terrifying screams coming from Ross as Graham and Joe tried to help him are a glimpse of the pain to come for Ross, I’m sure. I am intrigued by the fact the main focus of this story is going to be the after effects for everyone close to Ross, especially him. Now that he has acid burns, in his eyes, he is no longer good looking a struggle for him as the ladies man he is. At one point I had a hard time listening to Ross scream in pain and an even harder time at the small exchange between Ross and Pete when Pete wouldn’t look at Ross. Powerful! I wonder how long it is going to be before Debbie is found out and the consequences it is going to cause. Debbie, whether she wants to admit it or not, is still very much in love with Ross. I can only hope that the fallout isn’t terrible and at the very least they can remain friends.

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All in all, I was quite impressed with tonight’s episodes there are so many things happening at once Emmerdale is doing a wonderful job at creating great storylines and executing them well. The next few weeks are going to be exciting with the Robron reunion, Liv’s sexuality SL and so much more!

A reminder: These views are my own I do not expect anyone to buy into my views lock stock and barrel.

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