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BUT FIRST, I do apologize for my extended absence with everything, I had a pain flare-up that lasted several months, followed by the passing of my mum in August. I am slowly getting back to my semi-normal life, excited that my first review back is a wedding!

If you are anything like me, you have waited 4 years to see these two finally say “I do”, as one of soapland’s most whirlwind romances finally gets a bit of Happily Ever After! The more we get to see same-sex couples marry in tv and film the more the reality of those who are in the LGBTQ+ community change for the better! I remember watching Christian and Oli get married on Verboten Liebe years ago, as well, when Will and Sonny were finally married on Days of Our Lives and knowing those watching were witnessing something special. Much like I did before, I feel the same about Aaron and Robert’s wedding, two men that not only make the other whole but are best friends too. Love like that doesn’t come often, when it does you fight for it, no matter what. And they have!

Onto the episode! Wow! Where do I begin? Oddly enough I got a message from my roommate asking me if I was ok because I was screaming so much and laughing, in case anyone wasn’t sure how I feel about this whole thing!

I really enjoyed getting to see Chas and Aaron before the wedding, their relationship has blossomed so much over the years into something beautiful! As if we didn’t know before Aaron and Robert can’t keep their hands off each other, even after 4 years of being in each other’s lives! Now, that says something huge about the kind of love they have.

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I really liked the little-deleted scene about the watch, it was simple and subtle, a recurring theme tonight in the episode. Robert never really lost Aaron either, now the watch has become more than a timepiece, it’s a sign of their love. The intimacy being shown is everything and more I have wanted in my life! Danny and Ryan are so comfortable with each other that it works perfectly on screen. The vows, reminiscent of the ones in the garage, were great, as I knew they would be.

At last the long-awaited line has been said: “I now pronounce you, husband and husband” to which there were loud cheers and one heck of a kiss from Aaron and Robert! I don’t have much to say about them walking up the aisle and kissing, as I was jumping up and down like a mad woman!

How many times can we say “Husband” in this episode?!?! Love it! I definitely enjoyed Robert’s speech about Aaron being the bravest and kindest person in the world, it is true Robert would be lost without him. Likewise, with Aaron’s speech, who did say enough, as someone who has never been much with words, he really did well. Robert has been the one to see Aaron through some of the toughest times in his life, Robert loved him, even when he didn’t love himself. That is true love!

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I remember being 20 years old watching the scene in Paddy’s kitchen where Aaron said he didn’t want to be gay, that he’d never find someone, or walk down the street holding hands with another man. At that time I was dealing with my own sexuality, my own suicide attempt; thinking the same thing, not knowing if life would ever get better. Now, several years older and happily out, I can say it does get better! Aaron, too, can say it gets better because it did. I’m glad that Paddy’s speech referenced that time in Aaron’s life as a reminder that he has come so far, he may not have always believed it but he would find his happily ever after. Paddy is indeed Aaron’s father, the one he always needed and deserved! That my friends is what life is all about, the ones who come into our lives and heal the brokenness! Remember that!

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Vic managed to give a nice speech, while still being overly shady to Aaron and Robert. Tonight, she was my least favorite part of the show, while I understand her feelings, this wasn’t the place for her to cause so much distress. Adam is a big boy and made the decision to leave, Vic needs to accept it or find a way to locate him. But she has got to stop with the third degree!

I actually like Ross and Bex together, for what it is worth she has managed to break down that very stubborn shell he built up around himself. I do hope whatever happens with them, they end up happy.

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The hardest part about this week and the leading months has been watching Chas hold on the best she can for the ones she loves most in the world. I sort of expected her to fall apart the moment Robron drove away, it’s like for the first time she allowed herself to let it all come flowing out. Her speech was heartbreaking and beautiful to watch, so much was said and chapters were closed. As someone who has never been through what Chas’ character is going through or others in the world, I could never imagine what it is like to lose a child. I have lost a parent, which has been quite heartbreaking in and of itself but a child is different.  The story is important to tell the world and indeed will be one that sticks in my mind for many years to come.

I love love love that they chose to hyphenate their last names as Sugden-Dingle, I would have been happy with whatever they chose to do but this was icing on the cake for me! I am sure the people who live in the other block heard me at, “Come on put your foot down. Because my real present is to get you out of that suit” because I LOL’d like never before! Best. Thing. Ever! Also, I was like Danny sure looks like he enjoys driving that car, he sure sped off in it!

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The back room scene was amazing, simple and subtle at its best!!! I absolutely love seeing Seb on Aaron’s lap, despite his fears, he is going to be one heck of a father to that little guy. What struck me most was the line, “We are lucky to have each other”, summarized for me well what the entire journey Robron have had to this moment. In looking back to 2014/15 when the “Affair Era” was happening, it is obvious that they cared so much for each other and, despite many people’s efforts, they always navigated back towards each other. I think what did it more than anything was when Aaron disclosed to Robert about being raped as a child everything changed. Robert knew that Aaron needed him just as much as Robert needed Aaron. As for everything after that, it was only leading them towards this moment! This Robron fan is going to finally exhale and enjoy their love; not only do Robron deserve this but so does the community and the world!

Love is Love

More Soon! <3

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