There wasn’t much in the way of Liv and Aaron tonight, only two short scenes, where Liv decides to go stay with her mum. In reality I can’t blame her for wanting a bit of space from everything. Considering what happens next week it is probably for the best she isn’t there, Aaron being kidnapped isn’t the additional stress Liv needs. I do wish she would let others get close to her, several times Chas has tried to reach out to her, Liv is afraid of her emotions, much in the same way Aaron was. I think this aspect of her storyline has been really well executed and acted superbly. Whatever break Liv gets, I hope it is a short one.

Charity and Vanessa all loved up is refreshing, I love how “normal” all the same sex couples are on this show. They aren’t treated with too much grandure, easily slipping into how heterosexual couples are depicted.

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I am a bit miffed that the veterinary board is going after Vanessa in such a harsh way, it isn’t as if she gave away the ketamine. It’s one of the aspects of this story I don’t quite get but I’m going with it. Maybe this will lead somewhere none of us are expecting. I don’t want Vanessa to lose get job though, she’s a staple at the vet clinic.

David is digging himself into a deeper hole, eventually he isn’t going to be able to get himself out of it. No doubt he is going to have to deal with the consequences of his selfishness. I don’t understand how a man who knowingly cheated on Tracy can be the audacity to be ashamed of her past. Situations like this force the  lines of morality to be blurred it never ends well. Tracy, sadly got the wrong end of the proverbial stick, now that she thinks David and Priya are together things are certain to explode soon!

One of the few redeeming factors in this entire situation is Jacob. I’m not sure what happened but in recent months he has grown exponentially as a person. I greatly enjoy him supporting Tracy and calling David out on his stupidity. I like that Jacob and Tracy have a bit of a bond, he needs a decent mother figure in his life, something I feel Tracy would be good at doing. No doubt in true soap form, this is bound to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Ross has some huge stuff set to happen when he downs a bottle of alcohol and pills. As road I found myself on in the wake of my own accident. Whatever happens this week, these events should stand as the beginning of him healing. Unless Emmerdale decides to have him continue to bottom out, Ross’ story deserves to have a bit of light shed onto it.

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Graham is quickly working his way up my list of soap favorites. I knew something significant happened to him in the past but I wasn’t expecting it to revolve around him being responsible for the death of his daughter and wife. It is often those of us who have the darkest pasts help others to see the potential in their lives. I appreciate Debbie listening to what he had to say, she may not be on my good list right now but she too needs to know people are human. Judging from the scene between Debbie and Joe after her meeting with Graham, something may be beginning to sink into that thick head of hers.

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I enjoyed the delivery by Andrew as he recounted his soap counterpart. Knowing that Graham comes from a military background and has no doubt seen more than his fair share of destruction, the way in which he would recount a story would coincide with that. I didn’t need Graham to shed ostentatious amounts of tears but to see him acknowledge his deepest regrets. What he said about killing a wife he didn’t love was the entire point that we needed to hear. His story proves that far too often people spend their lives trying to fit into boxes they don’t belong in anymore. I hope as Graham’s time on Emmerdale progresses we get to see more of the impact he can have on the lives of those in the village.


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