The fallout from Lisa’s decision tonight hit hard, the Dingles are officially divided over Liv and Lisa’s actions. 

I am continuing to enjoy Aaron and Robert working together to support their little family, even if they are still figuring out their respective feelings and roles, it is still nice to see. I am enjoying this storyline so much, especially at seeing Izzy stretch he acting skills! I hope when award season comes around again she is nominated for best actress, so much talent for such a young person.

As much as I am enjoying Gabby taking some kind of responsibility for her actions, Bernice is growing increasingly annoying at her self-entitled view of her daughter. Gabby is guilty of theft and much more, would it kill Bernice to admit that or would she suddenly evaporate at the truth? Both Gabby and Liv deserve consequences for their actions but I wouldn’t go as far as prison though. They need some sort of counseling Gabby for her recent loss and Liv for everything that has happened in the past two years.

03-20_Gabby(Picture ITV)

Joe is having one heck of a teenage temper tantrum, he is almost as stubborn as Debbie, once they decide to do something they go for it non stop. I don’t appreciate the way Joe speaks to Graham, even if he is his boss, Joe doesn’t get to act like an insensitive brat whenever he feels like it. Ya know, Joe would do a lot better at winning Debbie back if he let go of this whole blackmail scheme he has, jeez, I gave him points for originality before, I may take them back.

03-20_JOE(Picture ITV)

I will admit I laughed at Emily’s perfect delivery of “got brain damage, you?” it was a great way to cut some of the tension. Poor Bex must be feeling pretty lost and unsure, a far cry from her old self-assured personality. I quite like Bex volunteering to jump in and take care of the bar.

Brenda needs to take classes in being subtle! Something is brewing, bracing myself for the imminent fallout.

(Picture ITV)

Happy Birthday to Marlon! I adore April she is such a wonderful young person, I hope to start seeing her more as she gets older. I am shipping him and Jessie hardcore.

Reality is beginning to hit home for Roblivion, what will Liv’s fate be and how will Aaron deal with the future?

More Soon!



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