I have to say I did not see that ending coming, a brilliant episode all around! 

I enjoy seeing Robert back at the Mill and Roblivion together, even if the circumstances surrounding their daily lives are less than ideal. I love that Robert was doing what he could to get Liv’s stuff together as Bernice was going mental. I understand that Bernice wants to protect her daughter but she wants Gabby to completely skirt the blame, even though she is guilty of stealing the ketamine. Bernice is just another parent who has done everything she can to skirt her own responsibilities, she even left Gabby and Dee Dee behind to “fend” for themselves. I hardly doubt she can make for it by letting her daughter get away with everything she does even down to potentially killing someone.

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I am glad Liv owned up to her part in Lisa’s poisoning, I think it shows a bit of maturity and to the degree in which she feels responsible. However, I didn’t expect Lisa to quite react in the way she did, grant it, she did almost die from the ketamine and subsequent heart attack. The Dingle’s have always had a code when it comes to how their family handles situations like this, I am torn on how I feel about Lisa wanting Liv to understand what she did by going to jail. I personally don’t think Jail would suit Liv at all, in fact, it may cause more damage. What she needs is a counselor and someone to listen to her and help her through all the different emotions she has to feel. I know much of what is happening is related to her sexuality, which makes this much much harder to watch. This should be a time when the family rallies around Liv to support her and let her know that she can be honest and share what is happening. None of this necessarily excuses what she did but it is something that needs to be taken into consideration. I shutter to see what is going to happen when Chas, Aaron and the rest of the Dingle clan find out. I have a feeling they won’t see this in the same way as Lisa.

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Laurel and Bob, how much longer is this going to go on before Brenda or someone stops it? The whole bit with the glue and everything feels so out of place for me, my favorite part about tonight was Arthur, Alfie is a brilliantly talented young actor who can carry a scene very well. We shall see soon enough what is going to happen with this storyline, Brenda isn’t going to be able to keep the fact she knows a secret for much longer. And Bob’s track record is steadily going downhill.

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This whole Joe and Debbie “dating” thing is weird, no matter how much I try I can’t seem to figure out what his plan is. Could it be that he really does love her deep down or are his intentions much darker? I can’t wait to find out where this is going to go, especially if Cain does end up beating the crap out of Joe. I’m not an advocate for people getting hurt but Cain has a certain sense of allure about him when he goes after someone. I’m not sure Debbie understands what she has committed to, judging from Joe’s last words to her tonight, the rest of their lives could be a long time.

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Pete is so supportive of Ross, he has handled all the anger that has been thrown at him recently. Ross is full on the pity train right now, he’s doing a bad job of covering up how hurt he is about Debbie. I feel like a broken record at this point writing how much I want Ross to be put back together but it is one of the few things that may help him.

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I want to see Marlon and Jessie together, they seem like a good fit, Marlon is adorable!

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