Why does Ned/Joe have to be so breathtakingly good looking?! It would be so much easier for me to consistently dislike the character if it weren’t for how utterly amazing his eyes and jawline are. I know I am not alone in my thinking but it is distracting, I want to dislike him so much! But goodness I do enjoy seeing him more than I enjoy yelling at the screen when he is on.

03-16_Joe(Picture ITV)

Debbie is one small step away from crumbling under the pressure to keep her secret, speaking of elephants in the room, there is more than one. I wasn’t a fan of seeing Joe at the hospital making his snide comments about hospitals, he’s using Ross, it’s frustrating. What is his game, after the intense scenes between them yesterday, I wonder what his ultimate goal here will be? Poor Ross, my heart continues to break for him, he’s a pawn in a horrible chess match that no one is going to win. At this point, I want Debbie to confess, Joe, to be markedly less smug, and Ross to be hugged so tightly all his brokenness put right.

03-16_Debbie(Picture ITV)

While I like Bernice as a character, I don’t think I have ever heard someone whine and complain about the injustice on a child, who so clearly is in the wrong. Why can’t Bernice accept that Gabby needs more help than she can provide, there is clearly something more going on with the young teenager. After this blows over what is going to be next? Will Gabby continue to seek out revenge on anyone who crosses her path? I get why Aaron wants to cover for Liv, as she is his family but I feel the blow would be less if they all set down and discussed this. The Dingle code is there for a reason and I think Lisa may be more forgiving than what Aaron thinks.

What a cute little Roblivion and baby Seb moment in the pub! Cutest family ever, I am glad to see that they have all fell into a decent routine so far.

03-16_Roblivsebaaron(Picture ITV)

It would figure that Gabby wouldn’t keep quiet about the entire situation for long, part of me thinks she wanted to get caught with her cellphone. I get that both of them are responsible for what happened to Lisa and both deserve some kind of consequence, but it seems all common sense goes out the window when it comes to Gabby and Liv’s friendship. I enjoyed how the Dingle clan all rally around one another, Robert included in that, it must be a cool thing to have such a close family.

I love that Chas and Paddy announced they were pregnant, even though we have no clue where this storyline is going to go, I feel it is important. There haven’t been many instances, at least that I can remember, that goes deep into what it is like for an older woman to have a child. There was one episode of 7th Heaven way back in the day that addressed a woman being a surrogate for someone who was well past menopause. The characters questioned the woman’s ability to take care of a child at an advanced age. Although so far Emmerdale has handled it differently, it would be good for them to address that women who are older can still have and care for a child. I think that this will be good for Chas, as she gets a second chance at being a mum, not that I think she is a bad mum now but it would be nice to see her in the role with a younger child. I think it also helps that Aaron is genuinely happy for her, it really proves he has grown up dramatically in recent years.

03-16_ThePadster and Chas(Picture ITV)

I love Lisa, she certainly is the mother of every Dingle and no doubt someone who has the most influence on the family. Marlon is taking this way harder than anyone else…maybe this is opening the door for Marlon to begin actively settling down and finding someone to think about as a significant other.

I really enjoyed tonight’s episode, the entire week was really well done.

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