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This has to be the first time in a while that I dislike what Aaron is doing, going after Syd all cocky is definitely not the way it should have happened. Of course, this was going to come back and bite him, I suppose it is better than him jumping at every noise he hears. I am also a bit confused what happened to the over £500,000 Robert had at his disposal this past summer, surely there has to be some left. Naturally, Joe would be running on that path at the exact moment the boys are dealing with Syd, this man has to have the most impeccable timing in the world. Annoyingly enough, he would be the one to offer to help Robert out of his financial bind. I do love how much Robert loves Aaron, for me it makes so much of what has happened since 2014 worth it. I may have been one of the only people who weren’t overly bothered about Aaron being kidnapped, not that it isn’t sad or shocking, but it wasn’t exactly a surprise.

Well, this explains the spoilers we have about Joe piling on the workload for Robert, at least he gets his husband back. I’m sure this game of Robert and Joe’s is still going to continue with Robert ultimately coming out on top. Even if he sold the Mill and his part in the business, wow, I wasn’t expecting that to happen. I am very confused but still hopeful of a better outcome. I caught Syd calling Robert, Aaron’s Mrs. that comment bothered me more than anything tonight. Such ignorance and stupidity in one small line. No doubt Robert is already working out a way to get what he lost back, ever the masterful man, our Robert!

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Bob, Dan, and Daz go out for drinks, can’t say I am surprised by anything lately, given the yawn-inducing Laurel and Bob story. Brenda has officially passed into a new realm of being the jaded wife, first stealing Laurel’s credit card, now wanting to do Ashely’s Memorial lunch. Goodness only knows what is going to come from this plan of hers, I hope she doesn’t plan on humiliating them at the memorial, even for a jaded wife that is a new low. I much prefer to see development with that firefighter from the pub.

Bex and Ross, I want them to be a couple again, I believe they could help one another get through some troubling times. I give her huge props for continuing to get help to regain her memories, tragic that Lucky wants to continue to manipulate her. I’m not surprised Lucky is putting the blame for the accident on Bex, this is going to set back her recovery, no doubt. While I think Lucky and Belle make a decent couple, I can’t wait for him to get found out and reap the consequences.

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Priya has finally been cleared of any potential abuse, thankfully. I was worried for a short while where exactly they were going to take this storyline. I love their little family unit, they are one of the families on television I like for their usual willingness to work together. It is good to see her get back into the marketing business with Belle and Lucky’s brewery.

Daz and Bernice were becoming one of my favorite couples on the show, I hope they continue to stay together, even in the wake of Daz “cheating” on her with another hairdresser. I will say this unicorn hair suits, Daz, very well, not a lot of men could pull that off! Bernice says Thank you to Daz telling her he loves her….ooo this is getting interesting.

Really good episodes tonight, I am enjoying pretty much everything Emmerdale has to offer, apart from one or two storylines.  Fantastic work by everyone at Emmerdale, as always!


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