Happy Tuesday!

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In the first episode of week, we will see Kim on screen for the first time in 19 years as Kim Tate where she is seen walking up to Graham Foster after being released from prison. Where Graham will be seen filling her in on the latest news but is sickened with dread when Kim tells him that he needs to get rid of Joe.

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But in the first episode of Thursday’s double bill, we will see Kim arriving back to the dale and into Home Farm in style to be greeted by a familiar face that is Charity Dingle who is at Home Farm ahead of the Masquerade Ball for her granddaughter, Sarah as soon as she steps out of her car.


But soon as Kim heads upstairs but it’s quickly followed by a piercing scream and the partygoers are shocked with what’s happened as Kim is pushed down the stairs and sent crashing onto the champagne fountain below.

But who pushed Kim and will she live to tell the tale?

Photo Credit: ITV

A dramatic week kicks off from Monday 8 October