Kim Tate’s return to Emmerdale is anything but a low key affair as she walks straight into drama with the local residents.

In a series of police interviews scattered through the episodes, various characters talk vaguely about something that has happened at the masquerade ball….

As the finishing touches are being done for the Home Farm charity masquerade ball, Graham is distinctly suspicious of what Joe is up to. Soon a brooding Graham realises what Joe is planning.

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Before long Graham is at the gates of a prison where a newly freed Kim Tate walks out and greets him. Graham fills her in on the latest news and but is sickened with dread when Kim tells him he needs to get rid of Joe.

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Back at Home Farm a grim Graham has a garotte and soon Joe is ashen when Graham reveals he knows about his wedding plans and plans for Home Farm. But breaking his promise to Kim he produces a bag containing £100,000 and tells Joe he needs to leave and soon.

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Most of the villagers are in attendance at the ball and things soon get competitive when bidding starts on the charity auction. Pollard is ashen when Faith forces him into bidding for a sports car. Soon the guests gather outside the house to await the delivery of the winner’s new sports car. Soon the long awaited car pulls up the drive and the guests are aghast when Kim Tate steps out, and declares herself the true owner of Home Farm….

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Kim proceeds to invite everyone back inside but within minutes, with her acid tongue, she is offending every single one of her guests, making solid enemies by the second..

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Before long, Kim heads upstairs but there is a piercing scream and the partygoers are shocked as Kim is pushed down the stairs and sent crashing onto the champagne fountain below.  Who pushed Kim and will she live to tell the tale?

AI923H2roQd3dT(Pictures ITV)

As the guests decide to leave. As they make to walk out they are met by the police, who tells them all to stay put so that they can be questioned and as the week draws to a close all becomes clear and someone gets their comeuppance.


Emmerdale air these episodes from Monday 8th October

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