Victoria is on a mission to find Adam Barton as she now knows he didn’t kill Emma, Moira did, but in doing so finds herself in danger.

In her search for Adam, Victoria breaks into the haulage office and starts rifling through the drawers. Robert’s alarmed to see the lock to the haulage office broken and papers everywhere. When he spots an empty file named ‘Europe trips’, things start to make sense.

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Aaron tries to hide guilt when Robert tells Victoria no one knows where Adam is. Victoria tells Robert she has hired a private investigator to find Adam. Victoria is unfazed when Glen the detective advises her that tracking down Adam will be expensive but she transfers the first payment to him so he can start looking for Adam.

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Later, Robert and Matty are floored when Aaron tells them Adam contacted him weeks ago and is currently in Budapest. Glen meanwhile, tells Victoria he has located Adam in Portugal and asks for £5,000. Matty is concerned and comes clean to Moira about knowing for a fact Adam isn’t in Portugal. He pulls out Victoria’s envelope of cash, saying he managed to get it out of her bag without her noticing but they all start to panic that Victoria now might be in danger.

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Meanwhile, Victoria panics during her meet up with Glen as she frantically searches her bag for the cash and Glen quickly loses his patience. Matty, Robert and Aaron are left frantic when they track Victoria but find just her phone on the ground.

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Just where is Victoria? and can Aaron and friends get to her before she comes to some serious harm?

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 15th October on ITV

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