With a reunion for Robert and Aaron “Robron” in the not too distant future lets take a look at some couples that have been on then off then on again

EastEnders: Kat and Alfie

For Kat and Alfie the course of true love has never run smoothly from the start who can forget the time Alfie spent an entire episode running around searching for a condom to the the time he gatecrashed Kat’s wedding to Andy to declare his love for her. Alfie even grew close to Kat’s sister Mo in 2005 before finally reuniting with Kat and leaving Walford on a happy note.

Emmerdale: Charity and Cain

A very much on off on then off then on couple who just can’t seem to keep their hands off each other should Vanessa be worried given Charity’s history with the local bad boy ? Chris Tate took the ultimate revenge when he found out she was cheating with Cain and being terminally ill took his own life and framed her for his murder. Charity is now now on/off with Vanessa and Cain has moved on with Moira but only time will tell if these 2 will ever hook up again.

EastEnders: Sharon and Phil

Here is a man whose has more survived being shot twice by his exes been in and started more fires then Guy Fawkes and somehow how never runs out of lives.the infamous “Sharongate” of 1994 was watched by more then 25 million people and despite his off the chart record for surviving death since then Phil and Sharon have somehow managed to make it down the aisle and are (at the moment) happily married..except Sharon stealing thousands of pounds from under Phil’s nose won’t add to wedded bliss.

Coronation Street: Tracy and Steve

Does Steve McDonald just love wedding cake ? his on off then on again relationship with resident bad girl Tracy Barlow much like many of his relationships will probably end with him or her cheating or one of them killing each other or their daughter Amy finishing the pair off.

Back in 2003 she bedded Roy Cropper for a 1p bet and told him the baby she was carrying was his and typical Tracy spotted a money making opportunity and agreed to let Hayley and Roy adopt the baby for £20,000.Tracy managed to ruin Karen’s wedding day by announcing that Steve was the father.

With a history like this its a wonder Amy hasn’t done away with the pair already.

EastEnders: Christian and Syed

Chryed finally left Walford a happy man in 2012 but not before enduring 3 years of pain,heartache and a wedding his heart wasn’t fully in as Syed Masood was a gay man in love with Christian Clarke and conflicted by his faith he attempted to hide this side of him by entering into a marrige with Amira Shah even his own mother Zainab warned him against shaming the family threatened to disown him.

Emmerdale: Chas and Paddy

The fun thing about this couple is you never know exactly what will happen next from date fails to being covered in shit. Paddy even thought him and Chas were cursed Paddy getting the zipper caught in his trousers didn’t help him but left in uncomfortable agony during a date

for now Rhona is with Pete (who saw that coming) ? and Chas and Paddy are happy but in the Dales you never know what is coming next.

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