Seeing Ross downtrodden and hopeless is already more difficult to watch than I thought, he has always been so self-confident and sure of what he wants. What more can I say that I didn’t last week about Mike Parr’s acting with this storyline so far? The audience can physically feel his frustration through the screen, especially as he tries to pour himself a small glass of water. Pete, being the great brother he is, is trying desperately to be everything he can for Ross, it’s just he doesn’t want help quite yet. I am anxious that this storyline does not become plot driven to force some sort of focus on Debbie’s emotions about Ross and her part than how he is going to live after being attacked.

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I can’t wait until Moria finds out about Cain and Debbie’s involvement in the attack, if she does that is, I wonder what impact it is going to have on Coira’s future. It is nice to see that  Joe Tate has a bit of a heart underneath all that anger about his father’s death. I want to see more of that Joe, rather than his vindictive side. I also haven’t quite put my finger on Graham’s personality yet. He is almost a James Bond-like character, but more breathy and mysterious. Whatever his past may be, I love him! I know he is loyal to Joe Tate but at the same time, he is also loyal to doing what is best, which means he adapts to each situation. If anything I hope Debbie learns a huge lesson in not acting before she thinks or next time it is going to cost someone their life.

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for, whether it be out of excitement or dread has happened, Aaron held Seb for the first time! I know for some this moment is one that many didn’t want to happen because it means that Aaron has accepted what Robert did with Bex. Although, my opinion is that he had already accepted it well before this point. I enjoyed the initial look of WTF on Aaron’s face that quickly changed as Seb immediately stopped crying when placed in his arms. Taking a step away from the show for a quick moment both Danny and Ryan look dear holding babies, I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing them hold tiny humans. My same feelings apply to Robert and Aaron, in all their awkward glory, for some reason seeing them hold a baby makes all that go away. More so for Aaron than Robert but he will get there.

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Naturally, the moment Aaron tries to give Seb back is when he starts crying again, seems like Aaron is in for the long haul now. It is easy to see that Aaron is already taken in by Seb by the smile on his face at the end of the scene. While their scenes tonight were very short, I think this moment helps influence Valentine’s Day and their ultimate reunion. Whatever you may feel about the baby, the SL, and the reunion; one thing for sure is no one comes close in terms of chemistry as Danny and Ryan. For that reason alone, I am all for this reunion and anything that is to come.

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I am not at all for this whole Laurel and Bob storyline they are doing, I find it comes from left field. Brenda and Bob are one of the solid couples on Emmerdale, who people enjoy watching. Bob needs to make a decision about his future, we can only hope it is the right one as he stands to lose quite a lot if he continues to pursue Laurel. I don’t particularly think Laurel is quite ready to date after having lost Ashley not too long ago she seems quite content taking care of her children and Sandy.  I will miss Sandy as Freddie Jones departs Emmerdale later this week. I have enjoyed watching Sandy over the years, he was a brilliant support during the final months leading up to Ashley’s death. Whatever is going to happen with Bob and Laurel hopefully Harriet can continue providing a sound mind before anyone else gets hurt.

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