Coronation Street – 31st January 2018

So after months of waiting Zeedan knows the truth after finding out from Kate after Zeedan went for Robert thinking he was Rana’s mystery lover

My wife’s a lesbian and I didn’t have a clue how stupid am I ? – Zeedan on finding out the truth


Rana was less then pleased to be outed  as was Aidan who was shocked when Kate told him she had been having an affair with Rana

Zeedan forced Rana to hand over her wedding ring before closing the door on her.

Next week Rana’s parents arrive in Weatherfield to fix her marriage with Zeedan.

Rana is horrified to find that Zeedan is even considering her parents proposition. But will Imran be able to convince her otherwise? If she doesn’t, he tells her that she’ll be an outcast.

Leanne informs Yasmeen about Rana’s affair and the deal with her parents, and points out to Zeedan that cashing in on Rana’s affair is not going to make him happy in the long run.



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