Monday 5th March

Maxine battles with finding a school for Minnie. She meets with an advisor to discuss schools but sets her heart on a private school – however, she needs £20k to pay for the fees.

Maxine(Picture LIME)

Finn and Tony are sure there is something not right about Milo; Tony sets about finding out more about him and calls the Herald for the press article Milo burnt.

Shane kidnaps Prince to stop the wedding going ahead but Prince believes its Alfie and Tom pranking him – how will he escape?

Tuesday 6th March

Diane is horrified when she discovers Shane has kidnapped Prince but it doesn’t take much convincing for Diane to leave Prince trapped. Will he make it in time and convince Lily to believe him and reveal Diane was in on it all?

Damon starts to sort through his mum’s things with the help of Holly. They come across an old suit that Holly prepares to get cleaned as a surprise.

Wednesday 7th March

Hunter is struggling with grief and has a panic attack. Yasmine finds him and reveals too much info about Neeta and Hunter. Later, Hunter thinks Yasmine knows things about their relationship because she has Neeta’s heart.

Zack offers a shoulder to cry on for Holly but could he want more than a friendship?

(Picture LIME)

Thursday 8th March

Sally and Myra admit their love for each other but will it be enough?

Friday 9th March

Joel is by Cleo’s side at the hospital following her collapse. They head to The Loft with Sebastian, unaware that Sienna is following them. Sienna jealous and convinced something is going on, so takes baby Sebastian when they aren’t looking.

These episodes air 5-9th March on Channel 4 at 6:30 with First look at 7pm on E4


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