Luke, Mandy, Ollie and Ella are packing for Florida where Luke and Mandy will get married. Darren asks her not to marry Luke but Mandy tells him too many people would get hurt if they were to be together. After Darren has left, Mandy finds an empty vodka bottle hidden down the sofa.

Will Luke’s drinking jeopardise the wedding? Or could Darren be the one to stop it when he arrives in The Dog carpark as the taxi arrives and they prepare to leave for Florida.

Nancy is trying to connect to the live stream of Mandy and Luke’s wedding, but the wifi is playing up, Darren has unplugged it in an attempt to avoid having to watch it.

Back at home Nancy and Darren are having a huge argument about their relationship. Jack offers Darren his advice in an emotional heart to heart, he tells Darren he has too much to lose to not fight for his and Nancy’s marriage.

(These episode air 20th/21st March)

(Picture(s) Lime Studio)


By Eastieoaks

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