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Leah is refusing to go to school and she tells Ste that unless he gets off her back she’s going to start telling everyone about him and Ryan. Ste called DS Thorpe and asks for his help, Thorpe tells Leah she has to come to the Police station for playing truant. Later, he has inadvertently given her an idea about how to get Ryan back.

Leela meets Louis in The Bean and gives him some cards but she’s unaware they are for his birthday. She decides to do something nice for him and arranges a Birthday treasure hunt. Ds Thorpe later turns up with some news about Peri..

Later to distract herself she offers to look after Lucas and Leah and help them collect memories for Amy’s memorial.

hollyoaks-leela(Picture Lime Studios)

Has Peri met an untimely end ?

(Episodes Air 22nd and 23rd March)

(Picture Lime Studios)

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