Hollyoaks Spoilers: Damon to marry Holly ?

(Picture Lime Studios)

Scott and Damon are going through a box of Maggie’s belongings when they find her engagement ring. Brody arrives with a letter detailing Maggie’s inheritance for the boys, Scott, Damon and Brody all have £20k each. Damon and Brody talk about plans to open a bar in New York but Scott makes a suggestion that he could put Maggie’s money and engagement ring to better use, like a wedding…

Later at Maggie’s funeral, Holly tells Zack as soon as it’s over she is going to break up with Damon because of his plans to go to New York without her. Meanwhile Buster is trying to convince Damon he should settle down with Holly. Damon decides he’s going to propose to Holly and puts the ring in a sausage roll in preparation for Holly to find it.

Buster and Brody sit Damon down to offer him advice, Brody and Buster clash on their advice again and Buster tells Brody to stay out of it when he is giving advice to his son.

Will he succeed in his proposal ?

(These episodes air 19th-23rd March)


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