With the return of Kat Slater next week here is a list of some of the best moments

Number 1 – “You ain’t my mother!’

Look up the greatest EastEnders moments of all time and you will surely find this scene listed. when Zoe announced she was going to Spain with (Uncle) Harry,Kat went after her determined to stop her leading to one of the great EastEnders scenes of all time.

Number 2 – The Slaters Arrive

The Slaters arrived..slap bang in the middle on a funeral for East End lady Ethel Skinner.

Number 3 – Kat is caught in a fire started by Alfie

Kat bore the brunt of Alfie’s deeds in 2014 when she was caught in a fire started by a desperate Alfie.

Number 4 – Kat learns she has a secret son

Number 5 – Kat’s affair (2012)

2012 was a time for joy with the London Olympics but also a time to play guess the mystery man as EastEnders ran a long storyline with many potential men ranging from Ray to Jack. The man she had cheated with turned out to be one Derek Branning.

Number 6 – the very controversial Baby swap storyline

Kat was left devastated in 2011 when she thought her son had died not knowing he was alive and well and nearby the whole time having been swapped by a grieving Ronnie Mitchell

Number 7 – Alfie Moon aka Wedding Crasher

Alfie risked life and limb to stop Kat marrying Andy Hunter in 2003.

Number 8 – Kat and Alfie get married (2003)

It wasn’t the simplest of weddings but after a rocky start Kat and Alfie finally tied the knot in 2003

Number 9 – Kat and Alfie exit (2005)

Kat and Alfie got a happy ending with a white Christmas in 2005 when they departed Walford.

Number 10 – Kat and Alfie return (2010)

Kat came back in a big way in 2010 and brought trouble straight to her door and with Walford thinking she is dead this time will no doubt be just as dramatic…


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