Martin tells Sonia that he’s emailed the solicitor but when Stacey comes over to apologise they come to an agreement about the children he has a change of heart. But with the email already sent, Martin rushes to try and delete it but Stacey catches him in the act.

When the sale of The Albert falls through, Vincent tries to find Kim’s ring to sell but when he can’t find it he immediately points the finger at Karen and confronts her. With his pride hurt, he tells Kim that he’s throwing Pearl a party tomorrow.

Tina is upset to hear that Zsa Zsa has asked Shirley to look after her friend, Georgi, instead of her but tries to make things right by opening up to Georgi during Wednesday’s episode. When Tina learns that she has fallen out with her mother, she steals Georgi’s phone snd meets with her mother, giving away where her daughter is staying.

When Ted discovers that his chess set has gone missing he storms over to the Taylor during Wednesday’s episode and tells Karen about what’s happened. Suspicious of what might be going on, Karen is left even more confused when she finds the missing piece under Bernadette’s bed

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These episode airs Monday 19th February – Friday 23rd February on BBC One.

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