In the coming weeks a loved one will be left devastated by the death of their spouse and with 2 characters already confirmed to be exiting the square will they be making a nasty exit ?

Michelle – with a Walford track record such as hers will she meet a sticky end ?

(Picture BBC)

Will her stalker Tom return to get his revenge for her rejection ? will Mel kill or have her killed should she get between Louise and Hunter ? or will she make her exit in a Walford black cab ?

Vincent – A gangster with more enemies then Ian Beale’s had wives

(Picture BBC)

Could Aidan return to get his revenge on Mick and Co with Vincent getting caught in the crossfire ? and with Fatboy having been killed by Ronnie instead of Vincent could he actually be a alive and make a shock return ? what about Claudette who like mother like son had many secrets and enemies of her own.

Or could we be in for an even bigger shocker by a third departure ? 

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By Eastieoaks

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