Life in Walford is like a revolving door with characters coming and going some of which leave more lasting impressions than others here is a list of those I would personally love to see again.

Do you agree or have any you would like to see back ?

Little Mo

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With the return of Kat Slater to the square being a big talking point on social media another Slater I would love to see return is Little Mo.

Ex husband Billy is currently estranged from Honey who is set to (potentially) romance Jack Branning, so maybe Little Mo could return to perk up happy-go-lucky Billy Mitchell ?

Tanya Cross

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Max Branning needs somebody in his life to (try) and keep on the straight and narrow Tanya played by the wonderful Jo Joyner is just the person he needs but with his actions having resulted in Abi‘s death that is easier said than done.

Janine Butcher

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The Queen Bitch of Walford could shake up the square and its men and women by returning. Never far from trouble and the desire for money she could certainly give the newly returned Kat Slater and Mel Owen a run for their money.

Vicki Fowler

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We’ve had Michelle back for over a year with barely a mention of Vicki and with her departure confirmed maybe now is the time for a return briefly to reunite with her departing mum ?

Dan Sullivan

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Nothing but trouble and with many old adversaries on the square this Walford hard man could come back for Mel who is currently building herself a new life after all they do have a past.

Dan also brought the Vic off Phil for a fiver so having Mick vs Dan would be a sight to see.


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Like a son that she wanted but never had and with a kind heart Fatboy and Dot made a for a great Mother/Son partnership and he cared for her.

Dot is very much underused these days and with Vincent about to depart maybe a surprise return could be on the cards ? afterall we never saw anything to actually say he was dead and this is Soapland stranger things have happened.

Lisa Fowler

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After her brief return last year I would love to see her return more full time and have her explored more in depth and what has she been up to ?

This is the woman who tried to kill Phil Mitchell yet when she came back was very much a changed lady and with Louise and Mel’s son Hunter getting closer now would be a good time to get this duo back.

By Eastieoaks

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