EastEnders Spoilers: 16th-20th April 2018

Monday 16th April

The pressure mounts for Vincent. Michelle begins home-tutoring Hunter. Woody and Billy compete for authority.

In his desperation to make some money, Vincent meets with DI Franklin to give him some information on the heist – revealing both Aidan and Phil’s involvement.

Michelle arrives to start tutoring Hunter, but is mortified when she walks in on him and Louise half-dressed.

Masood turns to Mo for help after dreaming up a new business idea, and Woody makes a fool of Billy at the nightclub.

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Tuesday 17th April

Michelle is desperate to fix the mess she has got herself into, but it will mean revealing the truth about Hunter and Louise.

Vincent starts pumping people for information on what happened to Luke, and Mel is annoyed with Woody and Billy as they continue their battle of oneupmanship.

Ian is excited to hear a business investor is visiting the Square – but he is determined to keep the news from Masood

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Thursday 19th April

Phil continues to wind Vincent up, only for Vincent to get the upper hand for once, and back home Kim demands to know who her husband has been meeting.

Stacey quizzes Kat about why she cannot visit her children, Mel catches Linda in an awkward situation and Masood begs Ian to let him finish work early so he can make his appointment with the investor

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Friday 20th April

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Kim is baffled by Vincent’s behaviour until he drops a huge bombshell.

Ian attends his interview with the investor, only to realise he has picked up Masood’s pitch by mistake.

Kat is furious with Stacey for trying to contact Alfie but when she calms down the pair of them have a heart to heart about Kat’s children. A mysterious man arrives on the Square, clearly looking for something or someone.


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(Photos BBC)

Episodes Air Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday and 7:30pm

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