Here are the official snippets released for the big 4 soaps covering 23rd-27th April 2018


23rd April
Ross spots an opportunity, Laurel comes clean, and Jimmy arouses suspicion.

24th April
Ross hopes for justice, Jimmy is left red-faced, and Graham has a proposition.

25th April
Nicola is not happy with Jimmy, Frank is on the job hunt, and Tracy makes a decision.

26th April Ep 1
Charity struggles with her past, and Dan needs to up his game.

26th April Ep 2
Charity and Vanessa fear for Tracy’s safety, Daz receives devastating news, and Debbie bites the bullet.

27th April
Daz struggles to contain his emotions, Vanessa pleads with Charity, and Rishi needs Frank’s unique skills.

Coronation Street

23rd April 1st Ep
Gary expresses concern for David’s welfare, Alya has a bad day at home and at work, and Zeedan’s future is thrown into doubt.

23rd April 2nd Ep
David turns his attentions to Emma, Alya teams up with Summer on a sportswear idea, and Rana feels compelled to help Zeedan.

25th April 1st Ep
Imran offers Zeedan an investment, Tracy orders Billy to move out of his flat, and Aidan suspects Summer of having a crush on him.

25th April 2nd Ep
Kate fights her insecurities over Rana, David’s family confront him about Emma, and Shona asks Adam to save Billy from eviction.

27th April 1st Ep
Rana stands accused of reporting her mother to the police, Toyah grows sick of Simon’s backchat, and Mary urges Jude to apply for a new job.

27th April 2nd Ep
Shona plays peacemaker to Billy and Summer, Zeedan’s hopes are raised when Rana falls out with Kate, and Toyah puts a stop to Simon’s blackmail.


23rd April
Leela is concerned about Peri while Esther and Nancy use Adam to try and prove to Jack that Darcy isn’t good for him. Sienna gets a terrifying message and is suspicious of Misbah, while Yaz tries to help Hunter.

24th April
Sienna panics about an encrypted email she’s received while Esther reveals some truths that could jeopardise Darcy and Jack’s future. Jesse tries to make amends with Goldie and Courtney, but they have other ideas.

25th April
Jack leaves the hospital with exceptionally good news, but what has got him so high? Sienna makes contact with an old acquaintance, and Adam continues to hide the truth from Maxine – but how long will it last?

26th April
Adam lies to Maxine when she catches him in the middle of a deal – but will she believe him? Later on, Adam’s persuaded by Glenn to do another job, but again it’s outside the law.

27th April
DS Roxy texts Adam to meet up and he gives her details on a new job he is doing, but Roxy explains he must get his dad on the job for them to catch him. Alfie gets more frustrated by the voices he is hearing and turns Tom away when he arrives to hang out.


23rd April
Arshad offers his help to a stranger but all is not as it seems. Whitney ponders Tiffany’s future in Walford. Ian continues to try to get one up on Masood.

24th April
Everyone is less than pleased to see Max – but why has he returned? Arshad’s suspicions are confirmed. Tiffany tries to make things up to Whitney.

26th April
Arshad and Masood’s worst fears come true. Tiffany is forced to contemplate her recent actions after being given a harsh reality check. Sharon offers Max some advice.

27th April
The Slaters are forced to dig themselves out of another hole. Max does all he can to get his life back together.

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