Hollyoaks Spoilers : 2nd-6th April

2nd April
Sienna surprises Joel with a present, but he continues to lie to her – will she discover the truth? Leela and Ste are delighted by a progression with Tegan, but the happiness ends quickly. And Grace and Glenn continue their battle of wills.

3rd April
Sienna lies again to keep Joel by her side, but later confides in Myra about their problems. Farrah is suspicious of Grace and Glenn’s relationship, while Yas and Imran have a plan to take James Nightingale down. And Sami continues to push Kyle.

4th April
The Nightingale family are furious when they discover what Yas and Imran have done, but Buster tries to make amends. Myra is wary of Cleo and Kyle is making all the right moves with James. Ryan’s secret could be revealed, but how?

5th April
Alfie struggles after recent events, while Misbah confides in the wrong person about Tegan’s health. And a nasty comment gives Kyle a motive.

6th April
Ellie tries to cheer Alfie up with stargazing and a picnic, but Alfie’s mind is elsewhere. And Diane is beginning to worry about Dee Dee’s behavior.

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(Pictures Lime Studios)

Episodes Air 2nd-6th April on Channel 4

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