Sienna is destined to never have an easy life and when she receives an email with a countdown timer she starts to lose it and ends up telling Joel everything. she comes home to find a hooded figure holding baby Seb and confronts them but who is it ?

Hoodedperson(Picture Lime Studios)

Could It Be


(Picture Lime Studios)

Nico’s (supposedly) last words to Sienna were “I hate you” could she some how have faked her own death and now be getting revenge for leaving her?


Sienna_Ben(Picture Lime Studios)

Having had his daughter killed by Nico and been cheated on by Sienna you could forgive Ben for being wanting to get even with her. Is Ben got out of prison could he be coming after Sienna for Nico killing Carly ?

Ben didn’t want Nico spending a life behind bars so took the blame for killing Trevor but with Nico dead is he out ?

Cleo and Joel

(Picture Lime Studios)

Joel loves Cleo but is faithful to Sienna as he thinks she has Cancer but when she admits the truth to him and her lies come out could she find the person she trusted this whole time be the one who has made her life a misery ?

By Eastieoaks

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