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If being recently poisoned wasn’t bad enough for Lisa Dingle next week sees another hospital dash.

On Monday

When Aaron relays that Liv’s solicitor has been assigned to another case, Liv’s reassured to hear they’re sending a senior partner. At court, everyone’s thrown when her new solicitor won’t allow Lisa to speak on her behalf.

On Tuesday

Not realizing that Lisa is in pain, Zak argues with her but as she shouts back at him telling him to go, the pain worsens, leaving her terrified.

When Belle arrives, she’s panicked at the state her mum is in and calls an ambulance. At the hospital, Lisa knows things need to change to reduce her stress as the doctor informs Lisa she suffered an angina attack.

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Confiding in Belle, Lisa makes a decision on how to keep herself well. When Zak finds out, he blames Belle who struggles to cope.

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With the Dingles dealing with the fallout for Liv’s trial will Lisa leave the village or risk further stress to help out her family ?


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