Monday kicks off with more trouble when Harley and Peri are back home living with Leela but Leela is still struggling to get through to Peri with Harley around every minute.

Leela is concerned and tries to find out more about Harley by searching through her jacket but Peri catches her.

Jack gives Darcy some money to pay off the wedding venue as Esther and Nancy watch on. Esther and Nancy are determined to out Darcy for who she really is and enlist Adam’s help asking him to pretend to make it look like Darcy is about to do the dirty on Jack. Nancy and Esther set up a camera at the Osbornes, Adam arrives with wine and pretends to spill it on his shirt removing it to tempt Darcy…

Sienna’s nightmare continues

Sienna has received a menacing teddy bear with a voice message saying “I know you are lying about your cancer” and Sienna lets herself into the Maaliks and terrifies Misbah when she returns home. Sienna smashes a cup and questions Misbah but she denies it all and tries to encourage Sienna to tell Joel the truth.  Sienna gets an email with a countdown clock.

Trouble for the Maaliks

Yazz tries to apologize to Hunter about her lies and tells him she was trying to help with his panic attacks but Hunter is too angry with Yaz. Hunter tells Yaz he isn’t having panic attacks but later she tells him she is there to talk to but he should go see someone about his suffering.


Sienna is trying to stop the countdown clock that appeared on her laptop and Esther reveals to Jack that Darcy booked the wedding venue long before he proposed leaving Jack confused. Jack confronts Darcy, as Maxine watches on while Jesse tries desperately to make it up to Goldie and Courtney but they are having none of it. Jesse pays for a drink for Goldie at The Bean but she pours it over his shoes instead. Later Goldie mistakes a present Jesse has bought for Iona as a present for her and loves it. In The Dog later Courtney find Goldie and Jesse looking cosy.


Jack leaves his hospital appointment in exceptionally good news, but what has got him so high? Later at the party Jack makes a speech… what will Darcy think of the news?

Sienna makes contact with an old acquaintance. Later she is waiting at The Hutch, unaware of a younger 20 something guy watching her.

Adam is continuing to work with his dad but keeping the truth from Maxine. Later Maxine catches him ‘doing a deal’ with one of his dads clients – how will he cover up this one?


Adam lies to Maxine about what he was up to in handing over money to a guy in a carpark, will she believe him? Later Adam is persuaded by Glenn to do another job, a robbery this time.


DS Roxy texts Adam to meet up and he gives her details on a new job he is doing but Roxy explains he must get his dad on the job for them to catch him. As they’re discussing DS Roxy grabs hold of Adam’s hand – could she be developing feelings?

Alfie is getting more and more frustrated by the voices he is hearing and is struggling to find anyway to block them out. Tom arrives to hang out with Alfie but he lies he is behind with a science project and gets Tom to leave. Later Alfie and Tom find time to hang out and watch a space conference but Alfie becomes convinced there is an asteroid heading straight for Hollyoaks.

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