Here are the official snippets released for the big 4 soaps covering 30th March-4th May


30th April
Daz unburdens his past,
Tracy confesses her feelings,
and Frank helps a friend in need.

1st May
Daz unburdens his past,
Tracy confesses her feelings,
Frank helps a friend in need.

2nd May
Megan tries to contain her secret,
Liv reveals the extent of her denial,
Charity sabotages a secret meeting.

3rd May 1st Episode
Joe is forced to confront his fears,
an impulsive act leads to danger,
Belle conceals her inner torment.

3rd May 2nd Episode
A villager battles for survival,
Belle is plagued by confusion,
Priya fears repercussions.

4th May
Belle reaches breaking point,
Priya sees an act of destruction,
Lachlan faces a shocking realisation.

Coronation Street

30th April 1st Episode
Simon finds incriminating evidence in Toyah’s car, Geoff asks Yasmeen out on a date, and Angie sets alarm bells ringing when she surprises Jude at work.

30th April 2nd Episode
Toyah comes to Eva’s aid as she gives birth, Audrey discovers that three is a crowd, and Jude invents more lies to throw Angie off the scent.

2nd May 1st Episode
Mary and Jude pull out all the stops to keep Angie in the dark, Toyah spins Peter a yarn, and Kirk’s command of a canine wins him a new fan.

2nd May 2nd Episode
Angie is blindsided by Jude’s betrayal, Toyah’s baby news delights Peter, and Geoff works his magic on Sally and Yasmeen.

4th May 1st Episode
Toyah introduces Peter to their baby daughter, Johnny questions Jenny’s strange behaviour, and David fields unsolicited feedback on his new relationship.

4th May 2nd Episode
Simon alerts Leanne to Toyah’s lies, Jenny marks an emotional anniversary, and David grows anxious as his court date looms.


30th April
Goldie and Myra discover something about Prince and Lily, while Alfie is convinced a meteorite is coming to Hollyoaks. Adam’s dark thoughts cause him to lash out.

1st May
Maxine is still furious with Adam but Glenn gives Grace the challenge of sorting it out. Alfie embraces his wild side, while Farrah is getting nowhere in her search for Kim. And it seems that Lily and Prince’s relationship is on the rocks.

2nd May
Alfie is increasingly manic and makes a life-changing decision. Ryan gives Farrah an ultimatum, while Hunter is close to telling Prince about his anxiety, but will something get in the way?

3rd May
Farrah confides in Grace – could something more than a friendship be developing? Harry suggests a camping trip with Ste and the kids, but recent events cause a problem. And Zack is trying his best to keep Damon and Holly split up.

4th May
Farrah ends up in a scary situation, while Kim is close to the end. Damon gets the wrong end of the stick, and Marnie is concerned by Alfie’s recent actions – will they discover something is wrong?


Monday 30th April
Whitney is thrilled when Halfway makes a surprise return. Phil is furious when he learns what Max is up to. Sharon tries to prove a point.

Tuesday 1st May
Phil attempts to take control of the situation with Max. Whitney pushes Halfway to explain what is really going on. Kim puts on a brave face.

Thursday 3rd May
The feud between Max and Phil builds. Mel meddles with Billy and Honey’s relationship. Kush is back with some surprising news.

Friday 4th May
Mel tries to brush off the events of the previous night. Mick has a surprise for Halfway. Kim struggles to hold things together.

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