Richard Hillman

Maxine really should have stayed at the party when Richard came calling, not content with bashing his ex-wife Patricia to death and burying her he was also out to make money from Gail’s mum Audrey by trying to convince her she was losing her mind she thankfully saw through his deceit but nobody believed her.

In early 2003 he planned to bump off Emily Bishop and after hitting her was interrupted by Maxine who arrived home early and saw him, he bashed her with a crowbar and killed her.

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Richard lived with his guilt until Steve found a bracelet and gave it to Gail who then demanded the truth from him and it all came out “your twisted…your Norman Bates with a briefcase”

It all came to a head when he tried to finish his own family.

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Katy Harris

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When Katy started dating Martin Platt it was never going to end well and after Tommy’s son, Craig tampered with the brakes on Martin’s car it looked like curtains for him, until he was rescued by Tommy.

Katy lashed out at Tommy (he’d told a lie about her boyfriend Martin, convincing her to have an abortion) so she hit him over the head with a spanner, only to be caught by her mother who covered up the murder and subsequently took the blame.

Katy couldn’t live with her guilt when her mother went to prison and took a lethal combination (due to her diabetes) of water and sugar. Martin found her but she died shortly after arrival in hospital.

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Tracy Barlow

If ever there was someone likely to murder it was Superbitch Tracy Barlow who took her revenge on abusive Charlie Stubbs by killing him, it wasn’t a heat of the moment killing oh no he had already shown people how nasty he could be from his treatment of poor Shelley. When Tracy found out Charlie had cheated with Maria she made sure he paid.

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Pat Phelan

Since 2014 Pat “I’m a nice guy Phelan” has terrorized Anna Windass, tried to fleece half the residents and been involved in so much drama.

Phelan left Micheal Rodwell to die from a heart attack locked up Andy Carver for almost a year before killing him and being indirectly responsible for Vinny’s death and finally when Luke Britton started sniffing around and asking questions about Andy, Phelan gave chase in his car before shooting him and blowing it up.

Corrie-Phelan(bad)-Seb(good)(Picture ITV)

When Seb fell off a ladder Phelan went so far as to manipulate him and blame Anna the result of which has seen her locked up.

Phelan continued to play the loving husband to an ever-suspicious Eileen and when 2 bodies he had buried in concrete just weeks earlier came to light he knew his time was up and tried to flee.

Following a dramatic standoff with Eileen who had learned of her husband’s acts he was knocked into the sea, the residents believe he is dead we (as viewers) know it isn’t true and it is just a matter of time before he returns with The Sun reporting that Michelle will be shot on her wedding day

Phelan’s final scenes are coming up will this be his last victim before he is finally brought to justice?

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