Here are the official snippets released for the big 4 soaps covering 7th May-11th May


7th May
Gerry’s suspicion grows. Zak and Lisa brace themselves for the future. Charity receives an unwelcome visit.

8th May
Can Charity move on? Noah knows a secret. Laurel tries to be strong.

9th May
Charity opens up to Harriet. Brenda keeps up appearances. Bob talks to Ashley.

10th May 1st Episode
It’s Bob and Brenda’s big day. Ross asks questions about Simon. Doug talks to Laurel about Bob.

10th May 2nd Episode
Will Bob and Brenda’s wedding go to plan? Bernice is suspicious. Charity gets support from an unlikely source.

11th May
Pete is worried about Ross. Bernice makes an assumption. Nicola has birthday plans.

Coronation Street

7th May 1st Episode
Johnny and Jenny throw a leaving party in the Rovers. Toyah’s behaviour arouses Aidan’s suspicions. Daniel seeks Sally’s help.

7th May 2nd Episode
Eva wonders exactly how much Aidan knows. Kayla gets in the way of Bethany and Craig. Emma confides in Maria about David.

9th May
David insists on attending court without his family. Johnny makes an upsetting discovery. Shona solves a long-running mystery.

11th May 1st Episode
David faces arrest for missing his court appearance. Eva pretends to arrive home from America. Adam turns on the charm in the Bistro.

11th May 2nd Episode
Shona vows to expose Josh as a liar. Daniel’s houseguest proves a passion-killer for Adam. Johnny rejects Jenny’s offer of support.


7th May
Ste, Harry, Leah and Lucas are in jeopardy on their camping trip, while Leela discovers she’s been broken into. Kim is getting weaker by the day, and Misbah finds out that Imran has been skipping school.

8th May
Misbah is mortified when a welfare officer organises a home visit, and Harry once again turns to James for help. Tony and Diane prepare to get Dee Dee’s results back.

9th May
Nancy discovers Kyle’s new plan to take revenge on James, while Sami gives Imran a stern warning, and Harry begins to rethink about his relationship with Ste.

10th May
Kyle begins arranging his new plan for revenge, but will it work? Yazz confronts Tony and Diane, while Milo lies to Cindy to avoid Theo returning to the village.

11th May
James goes to visit his dad at the home, while Milo continues to receive threats from Theo – could his secret be blown? Marnie opens up to Buster about something awful she did in the past.


7th May
Martin and Jack get more than they bargained for at E20’s bank holiday night. Halfway is up to something, leaving the Carters confused.

8th May
A suspicious car is casing the square, leaving some residents feeling anxious. Billy gives Honey an ultimatum about their relationship. Sonia enjoys looking after Martin.

10th May
Phil gives Kim some home truths. Ian and Masood plan a surprise party for Kathy.

11th May
The tension between Sonia and Stacey boils over at Kathy’s party. Phil digs up some dirt on Max.


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