As the week begins much to Joe’s delight hes happy for Noah to keep seeing him as it winds up Charity, later Joe decides he wants to tell Charity (who is already having a bad day) the truth the reply isn’t what he had hoped for when she shouts at him.

Noah turns up keen to hang out with his big brother. A few days later, Noah asks Joe to take him to the places he hung out with their dad. He reads Joe Tate’s awkwardness as hesitance and storms off. Joe grabs a mountain bike to go after him. Noah rides his bike through the woods with Joe in pursuit.

They end up at the edge of a quarry, chucking stones into the water as Joe approaches. They soon share their thoughts and its emotional as they bond.

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Noah dares Joe to jump off the edge and Joe impulsively does it. When he doesn’t resurface, Noah’s left terrified his brother is dead.

03_05_emm_joe_noah_1st_ep_03(Picture ITV)

03_05_emm_joe_noah_1st_ep_04(Picture ITV)

Has Noah’s desire to get closer to his brother cost him dearly ?

By Eastieoaks

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