If you go down to the woods today..

Ste, Harry, Leah and Lucas are still camping but Leah and Ste are adamant they want to go home. Lucas begs them to stay and Harry convinces Ste to lengthen the trip for a few more hours, but he refuses to stay another night. Leah and Lucas play hide and seek but when Leah finds Lucas he has a terrified look on him. Leah turns to find Ryan!

Meanwhile back in the village

Leela is panicking when she discovers that she’s been broken into. Harry and Ste are nowhere to be found and not answering their phone so Leela calls the police.

Kim is holding on

Kim is weak and her cut has been infected causing her to become very weak – she is close to the end.

and is Grace and Farrah happening ?

Farrah is trying to let go of Kim believing she is never coming back. Meanwhile, Sally confronts Misbah and tells her Imran has been skipping school and letters sent from the school have been ignored. When Misbah returns home, she confronts Imran and grabs his bag but drops it and all the letters from the school dropout. Farrah drops the box of Kim’s belongings and has a meltdown, Grace appears and comforts Farrah, are her feelings for Farrah growing?


Will Misbah open up about Imran’s abuse ?

Misbah is still angry at Imran but later an education welfare officer confronts Misbah and organises a home visit. The welfare officer asks if there is any violence at home.


Harry turns to James for help but some news from DS Roxy throws a spanner in the works.

Diane and Tony are devastated when Dee Dee is diagnosed with encephalitis and she’s not responding to treatment.


The Kyle/James saga continues

Kyle is still trying to win James’s affections, but James still seems uninterested. Kyle decides he is going to start a video diary as evidence building up to get revenge on James but as he is recording it, Nancy comes into the flat and wants answers. Will Kyle be able to stop her from revealing his plan to James?

Misbah hurt

Misbah has an injury which is causing her some struggle to see clearly. She doesn’t tell Sami how it happened protecting Imran again. Sami tells Imran to start behaving himself for his sake and his mum’s health.

Is it over for Starry ?

Harry is trying to win over Ste and help him remember the good times they’ve have together. However, after speaking to James later on Harry decides there is no moving on for him and Ste and they are better off separated. Later, Ste asks Harry to make a huge decision…


Deadly Love

Kyle arranges a homemade three course meal for James as a way of riling him up to get him to actually attack Kyle. He fills him with wine and sleeping tablets causing James to collapse.

Spot the star

Meanwhile, Yazz confronts Tony and Diane as Alan Carr nosily watches on.

New man for Cindy.

Cindy is begging Milo to get his brother, Theo, to come back – she thinks he could be the new man in her life. Milo pretends to call him and tells Cindy he’s met someone else. Milo manages to occupy Cindy for the day and she finally is feeling good again.


Secrets and lies

James, feeling terrible, goes to see his dad at the home.

Milo is trying his best to drive Theo out of Chester but he is sticking around and continuing to threaten Milo.

Marnie is confiding in Buster, she tells him Mac made James sleep with a prostitute when he was a teenager to try and turn him straight.

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