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Charity Dingle is forced to face her abuser next week when Tracy grows closer to rapist DI Bails.

Tracy is pleased when vicar Harriett asks her to be part of a task force aimed at tackling exploitation and she meets up with Bails.

Tracy meets up with DI Bails unaware who he is and unaware of his dark history with Charity. As they see Tracy head into the house with DI Bails, Charity is left with no option but to help. Soon Charity and Vanessa are interrupting their meeting and Bails makes a hasty exit leaving Tracy puzzled.

Charity warns him to stay away but he tells her he could “break her into little pieces”

Charity’s left counting the cost of her actions when he offers £20,000 and tells her that “Every tart has her price”

What will she do? And what will it mean for her relationship with Vanessa?


By Eastieoaks

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