The Connors are already struggling to come to terms with Aidan’s death but given more shock news next week when the contents of his will is read out.

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As Michelle helps sort through Aidan’s belongings she comes across his will and is shocked by what she finds and after showing Carla they decide to seek legal advice,unfortantly Adam tells them there is little he can do.

But who has been left everything and will they even tell them ?

Will it be

Carla ?

Aidan gave her a kidney just a few months ago and she in gave him the factory but will it be left to her or someone else in his will ?

Alya ?

Alya has been trying to build her empire for a while now and even suffered when taunted with racist comments during a meeting with Underworld contacts.

Summer ?

Summer recently joined for work experience and formed a close friendship with Aidan and helped save the factory money could he have rewarded her kindess by leaving the factory to her ?

Johnny ?

Johnny was all set to move away but has Aidan left him the business he tried to get out of ?

Eva ?

has Eva been left everything and will the resulting trouble bring out the truth that Aidan has a baby living just a few doors from the Connors ?








By Eastieoaks

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